May 28, 2014

Back to Reality

I woke up to the alarm shrieking, sizzling every nerve in my brain. Groaning, I rolled out of bed. About three weeks into the Agent Training Program, after an especially late night at the office, I turned off my alarm in my sleep and showed up to the mailroom forty minutes late—no make up, my hair a greasy rat’s nest, and wearing a black bra under a white silk blouse, which Howie, who has officially become my work nemesis, made sure to gleefully point out all day long. Ever since then, I'd started leaving my phone on the other side of the room when I went to bed, so that I’m forced to physically get up when it starts wailing at me at precisely 4:30AM.

I stumbled over to the Ikea bureau—the apartments CWA rented out for trainees were designed like dorms, with cheap matchy-matchy furniture—and silenced the alarm.

There was a groan from across the room and a muffled, “Finally.”

I looked over my shoulder, at Peter stretched out in my bed. Yeah, so about that....

The Previous Evening 

“Josie! You know you can leave your bags at the coat check by the door,” William grinned at me.

I sighed. I knew William well enough by now to assume I was about to be a punchline. “What bags?” I said. “I don’t have any bags.”

William brought his index fingers to his eyes, indicating the purple rings that have become a permanent and prominent feature on my face ever since I moved to California. Even my most expensive Armani concealer can’t hide them! William wasn’t kidding when he warned me this program was tough—I understood why people dropped out now (the Spring program started with twenty trainees, and after a month, we were down to sixteen). I was in the office every day of the week, with the occasional Sunday off, from 5:30AM to Midnight, and sometimes later. On top of it, I was still serving as William’s assistant, though he’s done me a solid and become somewhat self-sufficient since we got out here. He knows I’m holding onto my sanity by a thread.

“Hilarious.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Oh, come on,” William guffawed, clapping me on the back. “If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’ll never get through it.” He plucked a glass of champagne from the tray of a passing waiter and handed it to me. We were at Il Cielo in Beverly Hills—CWA had rented out the restaurant to throw a book party for one of our clients.

I waved the champagne away. “I’m not drinking.”
William pushed the glass into my hands. “Since when? You’re an even bigger lush than I am!”

I pushed the glass back at him. “Since I’ve started running on four hours of sleep, have no time to workout, and gained seven pounds.”

William gasped. “Seven pounds? Should I alert the media?”

“Ha ha,” I said. “I just can’t drink when I’m this rundown. I’d be passed out in the bathroom in five minutes.”
Someone called to William from across the room. He waved back while he said to me, “You’re doing great, Jos, and it’s almost over.”

I folded my arms across my chest. “Just how close to almost over are we talking?”

William winked at me. “You know that’s up to the partners. They like to mindfuck you by withholding your end date. Make you squirm a little.” Something behind me caught William’s attention, and he groaned. “Oh good. My favorite person is here.” I looked over my shoulder to see Peter, standing in the doorway, hands in pockets. William gave me a little pat on the top of my head, like you would a puppy, and made his way over to the agent who had called out his name earlier.

CWA sponsored events are open to all employees to attend, and Peter is, in essence, a temporary employee while he oversees the merger between his company and CWA’s film financing department. That said, I was still surprised to see him. Most people blow off the book parties in favor of the movie premieres. They're a lot more glamorous.

Peter and I have been cordial since we got out here, but we’ve been careful to keep our distance. I have no time to socialize, and Peter has his hands full too. I’ve seen him out to lunch with a few women around the office—whether it’s business or personal, I’m not sure, and I don’t have it in me to care. I haven’t even had time to mourn my break up with Richard. Nance was right when she said that LA would distract me from the heartache. I haven’t had a second to be alone with my thoughts in almost three months, and while I’m grateful I’m not hurting, there is something....unnatural...about how numb I feel. It’s like I’m a vampire on TVD and have turned off my humanity switch or something. I’m sort of nervous for what will happen when I get back to New York, when I finally have my life back and the time to think and overanalyze, as I’m wont to do. What if it all hits me at once and I have a break from reality and run around the office, stripping off my clothes, screaming about monkeys invading Times Square? Stranger things have happened!

Peter gave me a little wave and I gave him a little wave back. I was just about to make my way over to him when my phone started to ring. 90% of the time, it’s CWA calling me, so I was surprised to see Nina’s name on the screen. I stepped into a quiet corner and picked up. “Nins?”

“Hi, sorry, I know you’re probably busy cleaning William’s keyboard with a toothbrush or something”—
“I’m actually at a book party, but good guess.”

“Oh! Well, that’s good, I hope you’re having fun.”

“I’m counting down the minutes until I can go home and faceplant in my bed.”

There was silence.

“Nina?” I said. “Hello?”
I heard her sigh. “I don’t even know if I should be bothering you with this. I debated whether or not to call but Ashley said”—

“You need to know!” came Ashley’s shout in the background, and Nina shushed her.

“You guys are freaking me out,” I said. “I need to know what?”

“It’s nothing bad. And maybe it’s nothing at all, but I just felt like maybe you’d want to know.”
“Oh my god!” I snapped. “Just tell me.”

“It’s Richard,” Nina said. “I think he’s moving.”

“Okay,” I said, not getting what the big deal was. “So?”

“Well, I don’t think he’s moving like, to the Lower East Side. I think he’s going off the grid. He put up this cryptic message on Facebook saying he needed to get rid of all his furniture ASAP and so if anyone was interested to come by and pick it up within the next two weeks. I tried to text him to ask what was going on but he changed his number too. I sent him a Facebook message over a week ago asking him where he was moving to and he just didn’t answer.”

I frowned at a painting hanging on the wall. “What am I supposed to do with this information?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Nina said, lamely. “I figured you’re hardly ever on Facebook right now and probably didn’t realize this was happening. Maybe you’d want to reach out to him. Say goodbye before he goes...wherever he’s going.”

And like that, someone flipped my humanity switch back on. All my exhaustion, all my hurt, all my anger over the way things ended with Richard hit me at once, and I burst into tears.

“Oh my God, Josie?” Nina shrilled in my ear. “Are you okay?”

“Not really,” I croaked into the mouthpiece. “Because I thought I would get back to New York and I don’t know, somehow, Richard and I would reconnect and everything could just go back to the way it was before I left.”

“I know you did,” Nina said, sounding like she was going to cry too, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I just didn't want you to miss your chance to say goodbye. If you even want to say goodbye, that is.”

“It’s fine,” I said, turning to face the wall and covering my face when someone walked by me to use the bathroom. I wiped my eyes and took a deep breath, trying to compose myself. “I’m just exhausted and being overly emotional, you know?”

“I know,” Nina said, “hang in there. You’re almost out of it. It can’t go on much longer. Do you want us to fly out and see you?”

I smiled a little at the offer. “No,” I said, “it’s okay. I don’t have any downtime and I would just feel guilty if you guys were here and I couldn’t even hang out with you. I’m not the best company right now.”

“Are you sure?” Nina pushed. “I don’t care, we’ll just sit in your apartment and watch bad movies and eat pizza and wait for you to come home from work. I don’t care.”

“It’s really sweet of you to offer,” I said, “but I’ll be home soon.”

We said goodbye, and I took another deep breath, trying to center myself. I turned around and almost walked right into Peter.

“Oh!” I said, at the same time Peter said, “Sorry, was just trying to find the bathroom.”

I pointed behind me. “Right over there.”

Peter furrowed his brows, his eyes darting over my face. “Hey,” he said, “you okay?”

It was the smallest thing, but it was said with so much kindness that I choked up again. “Not really,” I said, my voice cracking and my face breaking apart in a way that would probably land me a spot on Buzzfeed’s Ugliest Ugly Criers list.

“This place isn’t bad,” Peter said, walking the perimeter of my small living room.

I shut the refrigerator door and handed him a bottle of water. He’d insisted on giving me a ride home. Even though I was spent, I just didn’t feel like being alone when he dropped me off, so I asked if he wanted to come up and check out the CWA dorm rooms. “Yeah, it’s fine. Just a place to hang my hat. I’m hardly ever here.”

Peter twisted off the cap. “Yeah. Jesus. They really work you guys to the bone.”

“It’s a nasty game,” I agreed. “They push us to our limit in order to weed out the weak.”

“But you’re still standing.” Peter tipped his head at me.

“Like I always knew I would,” I said, pointedly. I won’t ever forget the way Peter suggested that I might not be cut out for this job, in complete opposition to Richard, who never wavered in his belief in me.

Peter swished some water around in his mouth, thinking. “I get it. You deserve to tell me you told me so.”

I arched an eyebrow at him. “I told you so.”

I said it lightly, but Peter didn’t laugh. Just kept looking at me, like he was trying to figure something out.

“There’s a balcony too,” I said, awkwardly. I turned away from him, uncomfortable with the way he was staring at me, and made my way to the sliding glass door on the far side of the room. I flipped the lock (“Make sure it’s always latched so a rapist doesn’t break in!” Nance had said, practically hysterical, when I told her I had a little bit of outdoor space), and slid the door open. It was a cool, dry night, like it had been almost every night since I arrived in LA. My hair certainly doesn’t miss the humidity, but I miss everything else about New York—the grouchy, unpredictable weather, how exciting it feels when the restaurants finally move their tables outside, when Sheep Meadow is no longer covered in snow but instead scantily clad day drinkers, the giddiness and newness in the air that much more palpable for the miserable winter that came before it.

“This would cost you an extra grand a month in New York,” Peter said, stepping out to join me. My “balcony” was really just a closet sized strip of concrete, enough for two people and a small grill. Peter leaned forward and rested his elbow on the railing, just a few inches from mine.

“And I’d catch the sunlight for maybe three minutes a day,” I added.

“But I still miss it,” Peter said.

I nodded. “Me too. So much. I can’t wait to get home.” I watched the cars cross in the street below us. “For all my bravado, the honest truth is that I feel like I’m on the edge of a nervous breakdown.”

Peter nodded. “I know what that feels like.”

I looked at him. In the dim light his profile appeared timeless, like a black and white photo of an old movie star. He leaned on his elbow and turned to face me. “When I found out Elizabeth cheated on me. I didn’t get out of bed for almost two weeks. I would have lost my job if it wasn’t for James.” He winked at me. “Or as you used to call him, Fedora Guy.”

I laughed a little at the sound of the nickname Ashley and I had come up for him. It’s only been two and a half years since we were in the Hamptons, when I first started dating Peter, but the memory felt fuzzy and removed, like it was extracted from my childhood. “I remember you telling me that once before.”

“You’ve just got to stay the course,” Peter said, firmly. “Keep your head down, do the work. Don’t think about whatever it is that’s eating you.” I hadn’t told Peter why I was crying, or that Richard and I had broken up before I came out here, but I think he just assumed.

“You sound like my mom,” I said.

Peter laughed. “Is that a compliment?”

I laughed too. “Yeah,” I said, “it is, actually.”

The wind picked up, blowing a strand of hair across my face. Peter brushed it away, his hand lingering near my cheek. He went to pull away, but I reached up and held it there, giving him a knowing look. We both took a step closer, and I arched up on my tippie toes at the same time Peter leaned down, bringing his other hand to my cheek and cupping my face gently. Adrenaline was marching in my chest, buyer's remorse trailing not far behind. I knew this wasn’t the answer to my problems, but I just felt so crushingly lonely out here. Then there was just our profile in the sliding glass door, capturing the still, irreversible moment like a picture, and I wasn't thinking at all.

Some updates...

After I wrap up Josie's story, I am moving on to a new storyline starring our old friend Elizabeth. The story will be told from Elizabeth's perspective, and will vacillate between her life in her early twenties, when she first meets Peter, and her college years, during which something life-altering occurred that put her on the path to marry—and later, divorce—Peter. It's twisted and dishy, and I'm looking forward to having some fun with Elizabitch. I don't know how many posts it will take to conclude Josie's storyline, as I literally turned in my book edits one hour ago and the LSP conclusion is still a work in progress. But however many posts it takes, Elizabeth's story will be the next post following Josie's finale. I'll post once a week, every Thursday at 2PM, and I'm timing the conclusion of the Elizabeth storyline with the publication date of my book, which will be sometime in May/June 2015.

But that's not all!

There will still be a post on Tuesday at 2PM, only it will not be coming from me. A few weeks ago, a very talented editor at SELF, Zahra Barnes, approached me about blogging for LSP. She said she knew it might be a long shot but Nance would be mad at her if she didn't at least ask. She had me at Nance! Well, she also had me after she sent me some juicy clips that made me want to keep reading more. Zahra's story will not be connected to Josie or Elizabeth or any LSP character. It will be a fresh new character and storyline. I want to continue with two hits a week, and this is a much more manageable schedule for me. I know these posts take all of two minutes to read, but they take a lot longer than that to conceive and to write. I've spent plenty of quality time with my laptop over the last six months, and I think it's time we start seeing other people.

Enough from me! Here is a little more info about your new Tuesday blogger:

Zahra is a lifestyle writer and editor at SELF magazine. A love and sex enthusiast, she's also obsessed with Bellinis and squish-faced baby bulldogs. She admits she has a raging case of resting bitchface, but at least she got a good blog name out of it. As of late, Zahra is on the lookout for a time machine so she can capitalize on her new Upper East Side neighborhood and get in some quality Nate Archibald sightings. Follow her @ZahraBarnes on Twitter and Instagram.

Welcome to LSP, Zahra.


  1. So excited to see another characters point of view! Very sweet of Nina and Ashley best of friends!

  2. Yes! Thanks for posting! Can't wait for the end and the new blog to start! Thank you for all you have done Jessica!

  3. I'm confused. So the next post will be by Zahra, I love that name, but she's not going to be focusing on Josie or any other storyline. Instead she'll be writing a new storyline? I don't really understand. Will the Tuesday posts be Zahra and the Thursday's yours about Josie? I don't mean to be negative but wouldn't it make more sense to focus on Josie's story, instead of having a new unrelated character and storyline, with LSP ending soon? I'm sure Zahra will be an amazing writer and have us hooked but it would suck to get invested in a new character and then it's over. I don't know how I feel about Elizabeth's story. She wasn't very likable but maybe it will make me understand her more.

    I can't believe Josie was holding out and thinking she and Richard would reconnect when she returns. I never understood their connection and felt he was a child trapped in a man's body. I thought Ashley didn't like Richard, why the change of heart? Nina calling Josie and dropping that bombshell on her was inconsiderate especially with how things ended. I didn't like Josie using Peter to get over her loneliness. Thanks for posting.

    1. I read it as Zahra writing a new blog from her perspective with new characters and story lines. That's the only way for this to work. Richard was a terrible boyfriend and Josie is foolish to think that would change. Who breaks up with their girlfriend the night before she leaves? A selfish immature jerk like Richard.

    2. Zahara's blog (with completely new characters and storyline) on Tuesdays, Josie on Thursdays. When Josie's story is complete, Elizabeth's story will begin and her story will conclude in May/June 2015 (when Jessica's book is published).

    3. Eeh this will be confusing all posted on the same blog.

    4. Wouldn't make more sense for Zahra to have a new blog. Maybe LSP 2.0 to make this less confusing?

    5. I would think so. New readers or readers who don't read the end of this post are going to be so confused. Jessica and Zahra will need to explain it every single post.

    6. How confusing could this possibly be, even a child could understand it. Josie Thursdays, new blog, new writer Tuesdays and when Josie concludes new story about Elizabeth for about a year.

    7. No need to be rude. Zahra story will be posted here not on a new blog, don't you think that would make it confusing? Maybe a child could understand this but a child would also have better manners than you.

    8. oh please I can be as rude as I want. That comment was actually pretty mellow compared to what other people have to say on this thing.

    9. Jessica, please clarify for us.

    10. It's actually not confusing at all if you actually read the explanation....

  4. thanks cant wait for the new blog!!

  5. Well I'm thrilled that the post was early. Thanks, Jessica. Such a pleasant surprise.

    But dammit! No juicy sex scene! Josie is quite deluded if she thought Richard was gonna wait around for her. It's been months, girl. I hope she doesn't just use Peter. Peter is the only character I read this blog for. I love him!

    Looking forward to hearing more about Josie's work. I hope there's no new guys and Jessica wraps it up with Peter and Josie together.

    Not sure about the Elizabeth blog. She has never appealed to me. But I will read since Peter will be a regular!

    1. I'm hoping it'll be sort of like "Something Blue" (the sequel to "Something Borrowed") was about a less-than-likeable character, and you end up loving her at the end.

  6. Love Josie and Peter together! I hope they end up together!!

    1. Agreed! I really want Josie's story to end off with Peter!

  7. Such a great surprise!
    Love seeing Josie again, very familar since it was the first blog I ever read. Really looking forward to how you conclude it, can't wait to see what you have in store.

  8. Just to see if I have this straight:

    You will continue with Josie Tuesdays and Thursdays until it's finished, and then the Elizabeth story Thursdays only? With Zahra posting her new story on Tuesdays at 2? That's how I read it, and then I saw confusion in the comments so I was no longer sure.

    Whatever you do, I'm glad you're back and excited for what's to come! :)

    1. I think it's Josie every Thurs, a new storyline by Zahra on Tuesdays and the Elizabeth storyline will start after the conclusion of Josie.

      Thats how I interpreted it at least!

  9. Hi Jessica, welcome back. I mean this kindly so please stick with me -- I completely understand wanting to hang onto your readership until your book comes out to promote sales, but I urge you to consider whether this is simply a marketing tool as opposed to something you're invested and interested in. I don't mean that harshly, and I say it because I know that this blog takes a LOT of effort for you to produce. Using this to boost book sales is smart, especially given the work you've put into the blog (which I love), but I guess I just supportively urge you to consider whether you'd simply be dragging it out, and if so, just focus on giving Jos a proper ending. I say this as a fan, and I wish you the best.

    1. She has the right to use her own blog as marketing tool for her upcoming book... no?

    2. I mean this kindly so please stick with me -- What's your point?

  10. As a follow-up -- this is a fantastic read, and my comment isn't meant to imply otherwise. You've done a great job and I trust that whatever your decision, I'll continue enjoying the read. Thanks very much and I hope my comment doesn't come across rudely.

  11. If it seems rude, feel free to just delete it. Not trying to hate.

  12. I literally screamed a little when I saw that this was posted earlier and showed up in my Bloglovin feed. So happy you're back and so excited about the Elizabitch storyline. Also to meet a whole new character penned by Zahra! Lastly - loved the TVD reference.. I'm addicted to that show. #notashamed.

    Glad you're back Josie!

  13. Yay! Such a long post for my lunch break :)


  14. Yay peter! He's always been my favourite

  15. I'm so happy that Josie is back. I love her and Peter together and hope she is not only using him to get over Richard.

    As many others I am unsure of how the blog will progress. I'm guessing that Zahra will create a new blog with new characters that will be posted on Tuesday's. While Josie's story will be updated each Thursday?

  16. Yay, so glad that Josie is back!!! And love anything that involves Peter, so I will definitely be reading the new blog about Elizabeth and excited to check out the new storyline from your co-worker. Thanks for coming back!! Loved this post!!

  17. Yes your finally back, and what a way to come back. I love that she was with peter even though she is doubting herself, but in reality I've always loved Peter I don't care that he is older than her I love him.
    If you guys want you can check out a blog that I started its taking a twist on somethings.

  18. So happy Josie is back and excited about the finale! Count on me for Zahra's support!

    I recently started a love/sex blog and you can check it out here:
    Let me know what you think.

    PS, love Peter

  19. Thank you for bringing back the blog! LOVE it even though I can't stand Peter...hey, it's YOUR blog, I'm just here to read it! lol...I'm not going to crucify you if it doesn't go the way I want.
    The Elizabeth-angle sounds intriguing--I'm on board...


  20. It sucks that the majority of comments are regarding the confusing schedule. Where are all the insightful comments about the post? I'm wondering if that's because readers have left. I know Jessica pointed out that she responds to readers comments all the time. Would be great if she addressed the endless comments about the schedule.

    Another poster hit the nail on the head. Jessica is only blotting to get to buy her book. If she was doing it for fun she wouldn't end blogging when her book is released. It makes me feel used. I have high hopes for Zahra and look forward to her writing.

    1. You feel used? It's a blog. No one is making you read.

    2. Oh you should totally ask for your refund back... oh wait.

  21. I am commenting solely on the post. First, Richard is an asshat. He is self-centered and completely selfish with his emotions and relationships to other people. Nina should not have called Josie with that because if Richard cared enough, he would have called, but being the coward he is, that did not happen. A comment Josie made in regards to Peter and Richard about her career and Richard being so unwavering in his support of her bugged me. She acts like Peter always told her what she couldn't do. No, Peter always tried to discuss what she wanted to do, but Josie does things the hard way. Grow up Josie. As for them together, yeah, there is something between them that doesn't want to give up. It is a sign. I don't really mind it!

  22. to the commenter who asks Jessica to be honest with herself and decide if this is about sales and dragging it out and otherwise, making decisions accordingly... How obnoxious!! Whatever her purpose for writing is, it's none of our business.... She writes, we read. If we don't like what she writes or her blog schedule, we stop reading. It's quite simple. She doesn't owe anyone here a farthing. She's probably keeping this going for a following which is just wise, but I'm sure she's also keeping it up for fans... it's probably a mix of things. I can't get over the amount of people on here or take an issue with the author of a blog, completely forgetting that it is HER blog.

  23. Replies
    1. Yes! I've been saying that from the beginning!!

    2. Richard = Berger?

  24. It will be exciting reading this from Elizabeth's perspective! Welcome back and I also look forward to the series too.

  25. I agree with the person that wrote she's dragging this out until her book comes out. I'm all for self promotion but this blog has definitely gone down hill! I miss K's story!! I'm going to read to find out how she finishes off Josie's but then i'm finished. Time to find some new blogs to read

    1. What was the point of this comment exactly? To whine that you don't like the blog anymore but then let us all know that you will stick around. Well thank goodness!

  26. Been a fan since the start, which hasn't stopped. I'm so excited for the new blog about Elizabitch's story, AS WELL AS the newest blog by Zahra! Thanks for an amazing Post Jess! This totally was the pick me up I needed!

  27. Thanks Jessica. This was a fantastic post, well-written as always. I think we're all going to miss reading about Josie and are hoping to find her riding of into a sunset of sorts. Thanks for all of your generosity with these stories!!

  28. Who cares about Elizabeth!

  29. When I read the words "Peter stretched out on my bed" I almost whooped out loud! They had some hot times together. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Richard is a douche. Going off the grid? How about trying to stay relevant. Unless he 's on the run???

    I'm looking forward to the end of Josie and learning more about Elizabeth. An author knows when a story has run its course. I respect that. I am also excited to see what Zarah has in store for us. I don't think for one minute you would compromise the integrity of this blog with some half-ass filler blog to appease the commenters.

    Welcome back! mum

  30. I'm going to miss reading about Josie, for sure. I'm definitely not as interested in Elizabeth as a main character, but I'll still be back to read it! Excited that you aren't going away completely, Jessica. (I don't really care if you are using the blog to promote your book - that is what a SMART person would do anyway) Clearly you enjoy writing fiction, even if it is a lot of work.
    Looking forward to the new story too!

  31. Shame that Josie has to end to make room for Elizabeth. I'll love sticking around for the end of Josies story, but I'm not interested anymore in the next storylines. good luck with your book Jessica!

  32. So glad Josie is back. Not a huge Richard fan at the moment, I know he loved her, but he didn't always treat her the best. But am I the only one seeing him giving away his things as a red flag? Hope he's not planning on doing anything drastic.

  33. Richard is totally going to LA

  34. I am not interested in Elizabeth, so I hope Josie's story doesn't end to soon. But I'll be reading Zahras story.just the mention of a gossip girl character got me interested. Plus too many amateur writers out there writing terrible blogs.

    1. No one is forcing you to read terrible blogs by amateur writers as you put it. Jessica and Zahra are professional writers. Most of the other blogs I read are written by non writers for fun. They are all sweet and care for their readers. It's rude and wrong to knock other writer's work because you deem them terrible. Why even bring that up? Maybe you should try writing a blog and see if it's deemed terrible.

    2. you took the words right out of my mouth!

  35. Renee, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. I'm sure your opinion is fact and all the amateurs terrible blogs doing compare to Jessica who started writing about Josie as her job and continued for us. I like the amateur blogs because those women are clearly enjoying themselves. It's one thing to praise this blog, rightfully so, Jessica is one helluva writer but don't put down others to get your point across. I doubt the amateurs even care what you think, the blogs that have been inspired by LSP are great, creative and have lots of supporters. Think before insulting next time.

  36. Okay why are Josie's friends calling her about that loser Richard???? "Richard always supported me..." What? Josie needs to stop taking phone calls about Richard and stop defending him. He just plain sucks and futhermore he didn't always support her. Hopefully Richard stays off the grid.

    1. Richard never supported Josie. He brought her down every chance he got. Richard is such a loser.

    2. Agreed...ughh. I just really hate Richard. Also...the only people that are off the grid are in the witness protection program. Richard probably just went off social media which BIG DEAL...

    3. I agree. He was soo supportive of her that he broke her heart as she was leaving to be in a competitive program across the country. Richard is far from a man and has some growing up to do. I hope she doesn't end up with him.

    4. Would it have been better for him to let her go thinking everything was fine, then call her 3 weeks in to dump her?

    5. It would've been better for him to have acted like a mature adult instead of a petulant child. Everything was going fine that day until they ran into Peter. His insecurities are not her fault.

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  38. This is it, I'm bailing. Too much nonsense, not enough good posts.

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    "चुम्बन" के समय ध्यान देने वाली 7 बातें
    अच्छे सेक्स जीवन के लिए लाभदायक है "मोटापा"
    फोरप्ले के दौरान की जाने वाली 5 आम गलतियाँ
    '6 आफ्टर प्ले' सेक्स के बाद भी रोमांस
    ओरल सेक्स के प्रति बढा महिलाओं का झुकाव
    45 प्लस महिला के चुस्त-दुरुस्त रहने के टिप्स
    'वाइब्रेटर' और 'ओबामा सेक्स डॉल' की धूम
    हर पांच में से दो महिलाए करती है मजबूरन सेक्स
    लिव-इन-रिलेशन को एंज्वॉय करनें का तरीका
    महिलाओं के चरम-आनंद की 5 बातें
    केसे करे शीघ्रपतन से बचाव
    महिलाओं को चुंबन, पुरूषों को सेक्स की चाहत
    लड़कियां चाहती हैं यौन शिक्षा
    किशोरी के कौमार्य का पर लगा सट्टा
    खतरनाक होती है खूबसूरत महिलाएँ
    पियक्कड़ महिलाओं से रहें सावधान
    महिलाएं होती है कुत्तों के ज्यादा करीब
    विवाह पूर्व सेक्स में ग्रामीण युवा आगे
    भारतीयों को चाहिए छोटा कंडोम
    नशा बढ़ाता है सेक्स क्षमता
    आखिर क्या है सेक्स करने का सही समय
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