March 4, 2014

Yuppie spots

I was digging my sandals out of storage when Richard knocked on my door. I hurried to let him in—the man had pizza, and I was starving.

I swung the door open. "Hi."

Richard gave me a kiss and made his way into the kitchen. "You want plain or pepperoni?" he called over his shoulder.

"Just cheese." I patted my stomach. "Watching my figure for LA. All those bobbleheads with fake boobs."

Richard passed me a plate. "I think they only have like quinoa pizza in LA too."

I flopped on the couch and stuck out my lower lip. "Stop. I've been so emotional this week. I'm going to miss New York so much." I was hopping on a plane to L.A.X. this Friday afternoon. I'd have the weekend to get situated in my new apartment, and then 7AM Monday morning, I was reporting for duty in the CWA mailroom. "Not trying to scare you but that's just a late start for your first day," William said, a shit-eating grin on his face.

Richard joined me on the couch. "You should be excited. We have your going away party this week, and then you're going to go out there and bust some balls and come back the real deal."

I took a bite of pizza. "It won't happen that fast," I said. "I'll only be a junior agent when I come back, and I'll still be assisting William."

"But you get to bring in your own business," Richard pointed out, "that's really cool."

I pulled a strand of cheese from my pizza and dangled it over my mouth. "No, it is. I don't mean to make it sound like I'm not excited. It's just," I exhaled, "nerves." I had barely slept the last week or so. William said that over half of the trainees end up dropping out of the program. I had promised myself I wouldn't be one of them, but, what if I was? Plus, I was worried about Richard. I hated leaving him in such a state of chaos—no job, the money well dried up, his mom going through a trial. Peter was weighing heavily on my mind too. I was still rattled by our meeting, and I didn't quite believe that this LA merger would be as conflict-free as he was telling me it would be. It all wove together into a tight knot in my stomach.

Richard hooked his hand under my thigh and stretched my legs out onto his lap. "You just need to get out there and get settled. You'll feel a lot better after that."

I nodded. "I know. You're right." I leaned my head against the couch cushion and sighed. "I'm going to miss you though."

"We'll have plenty of Skype sex," he promised. "And I'm definitely coming to visit."

"Skype sex will suffice," I said, "I don't want you spending that kind of money on tickets." I suddenly remembered. "Oh! Speaking of. One of my co-workers, her boyfriend works at this really cool online advertising firm—Speak? Have you heard of it?"

Richard was studying his pizza intently, but he nodded.

"They're hiring. At kind of a junior to mid-level too. Want me to put you in touch with him?"

Richard swished his mouth back and forth before answering me. "You know. I didn't really like the advertising thing. I think I want to make sure that the next place I land is a place I really want to be at long-term."

"But do you really have the luxury of waiting to find the perfect job?"

"Well," Richard said, "I actually got a job."

I swung my legs out of his lap and sat up straighter. "Where? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I am telling you. It's nothing great. I'm just bartending at Sessions on 73rd."

"Sessions?" I scoffed, and immediately wished I could take it back. I didn't mean to sound so degrading.

Richard narrowed his eyes at me. "Watch it. Your yuppie spots are showing."

 "Sorry," I said, "I didn't mean it like that. It's just Sessions, you know, it's the date rapey bar I went to when I was still in college. I have a visceral reaction to the place I guess." Richard's face was very still, so I added, quickly, "I think it's great. You'll pull in some extra cash while you continue to look for a real job."

"See," Richard said, "that's the thing. I think I'm going to put looking for a real job on hold until everything with my mom blows over."


"Because I need to be with her during the day. Drive her to and from the courthouse. Be her moral support. I can't do that with a nine-to-five. This is perfect—I'll be on Long Island all day and back in the city at night when my shift starts."

I nodded, slowly. "And how long do you think the trial will last?"

Richard plopped his hands on the couch. "No idea. Could be three months, could be a year."

"A year?" I cried.

"Yeah," Richard said. "Maybe. If they set the trial for, say, eight months from now—which happens all the time—and then maybe it's another four months for the trial."

"I just," I paused, trying to find words that would get my point across without offending him or his mom, "I just wonder how smart it is to put your career on hold for a year."

"I'm not trying to be smart about it," Richard said, a warning in his voice, "I'm trying to do right by my mom."

There was nothing I could say to that. I know it's not my place, but this inexplicable rage swelled up at Richard's mom. Hasn't she hurt enough people? And now her son has to drop everything in his life to clean up after her latest mistake? But I just pursed my lips and nodded. "I know you're in a difficult position."

We didn't speak for a few moments, just picked at the crust on our pizza. Finally, Richard said, "So are you excited for your party tomorrow?"

I gave him a tight smile. Nina, Ashley, and Richard were throwing me a going away party. One last New York hurrah before I went west for the next however many months. "I am. Thanks for planning it."

"Of course," Richard said, and he gave me that same tight smile.

Note to Readers-
I have really great book news that I am desperate to share, but for legal reasons, I cannot. I have to hammer out a few final details before I can shout it from the rooftops, and it's taking a little longer then expected. However, I have been entrenched in the editing process for the last few weeks, with some very scary deadlines I have to meet over the next few months, and I am going to have to go on hiatus from LSP because I'm feeling stretched very thin. Thursday will be my last post until May (exact date TBD). Please don't throw tomatoes at me! This is an incredibly happy but stressful time in my life and I just want to give my book my all.

If you're not already following me on Twitter, please see the bar to the right of the page and click follow. There I will share updates about my book and when I will be posting next, and maybe occasionally tickle you with my random musings.

I will see you all on Thursday for the season finale of LSP!


  1. First, I can't wait to hear about your book!

    Second, I am super bummed about your break, but totally get it....this is a huge commitment on top of your book and regular job! I'll be back in May to read, and hear all about the book!

    Third.....Richard seems like he doesn't know how to make good decisions for himself. He's almost 30, he needs to own that and figure out his own future, and not live through his mom and his dad's money (or lack thereof)

    Good luck with the book, can't wait to hear more!

  2. Going to miss the posts...but that's great news about your book :) looking forward to may! haha

  3. Good luck with your book. This post is confusing. Since when is Josie in the agent program? Thought that was put on hold. I can't stand Richard or his dead beat mom. Richard is always keeping things from Josie. Would he have mentioned this bartending job if Josie hadn't asked? He's not honest with her in my opinion.

    1. Just wanted to clear up for you - she's doing both the program while continuing to work as William's assistant. This is from the 2/20 post:

      "I don't think I'm going to have much time to socialize while I'm out there. William keeps telling me how there is no precedent for this at CWA—an assistant simultaneously entrenched in the program and still working for her boss. I'm going to be at it six, seven days a week."

      Hope this clears it up! I think someone else said she was confused too.

  4. Great news about your book. Do not pay attention to any negative comments that may come your way. You have to chase your dream and do whats right for you!! Congratulations!

  5. Oh my God I will miss your blog so much!!! :( good luck on your book, see you in two months!!! Xxxx

  6. Yep, I'm with the others, congrats on the book news, whatever it is AND we'll see you in May, no worries! I can tell we're supposed to like Richard less now :) which means Peter is probably back in. Richard became a bit of a dead beat in this one with the no desire to get a job and over worrying about/ taking responsibility with his mom where he shouldn't. It makes me think there's something psychological going on there, family stuff not worked out but of course... I feel for him, but not good relationship material that's for sure. Also that Josie does seem more yuppie than Richard and the general coldness between them at the end tells me their relationship isn't as great as they thought.

  7. Awesome news on your book, congratulations:) I can't wait to learn more about your book. Though I will miss Josie, I totally understand you taking a hiatus to focus on your book, that is way more important!!!

    Now onto the post, as another poster stated, I too didn't realize that Josie was in the Agent training program. I could be wrong but I thought she was going to LA as William's assistant. It sucks that Richard is putting his career on hold to help his mom. She needs some tough love otherwise the pattern of bad behavior will continue. I wonder how Richard will take care of his expenses now that he is bartending at night and cut off financially by his dad. Can't wait to read more.

    I have created a blog of my own and if anyone is interested, here's the link:

  8. Every relationship has its ups and downs. They just have to learn to communicate better. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET THEM WORK THINGS OUT! I won't be able to stand it if Josie ends up doing something with Peter. He was already shady with her when they first went out, and then he just keeps popping back into her life. Richard has some serious issues, but I think his love for Josie is real, and he just isn't sure how to handle all of it. Seriously I hope Josie and Richard make it!

  9. Good Luck with your book Jessica, all the best on that!!! I think we all understand that you have priorities and we will all be waiting for the new LSP post in May and the fantastic new about your book :) All the best!

  10. YAY CONGRATS JESSICA!! So happy for you!

    Just out of curiosity, when you starting writing up again, will the posts continue exactly where you leave off on Thursday, or will you write the new posts as if Josie herself has taken a break from writing posts for 2 months? Like will those 2 months of hiatus will just be summarized in a couple of posts? No worries if you haven't decided yet, I'm just curious! Good luck with everything!! It's going to be a long two months without Josie :)

    1. To answer your question and the question of Lea below - yes it will be sort of like a TV hiatus, where the next few months happen off camera and we'll be visiting Josie exactly where she is at that point in her life. I have big plans for her :-)

    2. Perfect! Thanks Jessica! Can't wait to read all about it :)

  11. This is so bitter sweet! Regardless, I'm SO happy for you Jessica! Can't wait till the book comes out! I'll be the first in line :)

  12. Congrats!!!

    I completely am not okay with Richard helping out his mom. It's one thing to support, and another to enable. Not that he's buying the alcohol for her, but at some point you have to show tough love to those you care about and not baby them and give them everything they need. He can still love her and support her without him being the "enabling parent" that continues to only see "the good" in her. He needs to learn from her past mistakes. If she really is getting it together, it'll show in her actions, and she wouldn't need him to take care of her. *Steps off soapbox*

    But love it. Sad you're taking a break, but completely understandable! Good luck, and can't wait your return :)

  13. Ah what am I going to look forward to on Tues/Thurs afternoons now?!?!

    I second the question above - will the hiatus be like in a television show where the summer happens off camera and we pick back up in the fall, or in May will we be right at the start of Josie's time in California?

    1. I have a list of other active fictional blogs that post regularly throughout the week on varying days. That may tide you over until LSP posts resume. You can check out my list on my blog:

      If you know of any other great blogs I don't have listed, please share them with me!

    2. and!

  14. Oh, Richard. I can totally see this driving a wedge between them. With Josie climbing up the career ladder and Richard just hanging out at the bottom with no money from his dad and having to take care of this whole ordeal with his mom (which I do not support by the way. Totally with his dad on this one), it's just not stable. This bartending job seems like trouble too. Especially since Richard is considering it as "long-term" and doesn't want to look for a real job. Ooooh this is gonna get messy. I'm okay with it though. Richard was growing on me, but this post showed me that he isn't the person for Josie in the long-run.

    Josie's growing up and I feel like she might be getting to a very healthy point in her life, probably the healthiest we've ever seen her in, and I would hate to see Richard and his drama ruin that. Can't for wait to hear about Peter! I hope him and Josie working together will allow him to see that she is capable of handling this type of workforce and will respect her more in her career choice.

    And congratulations on the book news! I can't wait to hear more about it!!

    1. For the first time, I don't have anything to 'defend' Richard over this episode (I used to have, or tried to have, some understanding for the lack of information he provides Josie, sorry ladies if I were too 'pro' Richard previously). He is not upfront of anything about himself to Josie.

      I agree with some of you. If Josie didn't ask, she probably wouldn't know any of his decisions made about his life now. Richard has to involve Josie more with his decisions.

      And yay~ for you Jessica! So happy for your book deal! Totally understand if LSP has to be on hiatus. Give us more when you can about the book!

      Take care in the meantime!

  15. Congrats on all the hard work you've been doing. Your posts will be missed, but your blog fans will be here for you! Also...I really hope something exciting happens with Peter....I know, I"m a terrible person! Just can't shake that something's going to happen!

  16. While I can understand where Richard is coming from, I don't necessarily agree with it.

    Yes jobs come and go but it's now harder than ever before to get a good stable job. Also hiring committees don't look too fondly on major gaps in employment which Will happen to Richard if he puts it on hold.

    Check my new blog out!

  17. So excited for you and your book! Hope the finale post is steamy enough to hold us off until May! haha

  18. Congrats on the book situation!

    I think coming back in May will be cool. You can have J sort of wrapping up he LA stint, or back to NYC and giving flashbacks over the time period while she was away, etc. Definite possibilities, there! mum

  19. Congrats!!! So excited for you!!! Cannot wait for the book! I guess I will just have to wait until May...but I swear, this blog gets me through the week...I don't know what I am going to do!

  20. Congrats on the book! Can't wait to read it and the blog when you come back :D

  21. -throws a tomato at Jessica- :)

    I'll miss your posts, but I'm so excited for you and the progress on your book!

  22. I am so going to miss Josie and your wonderfull writing! Good luck on your book. This holding off untill may thing is going to be killing, I always look forward to your tuesday/thursday posts to see what Josie has been up to. Will be counting the days till May..

  23. Oh my gosh! This is SO exciting for you with the book, and I bet everyone agrees that once your book is out we will appreciate the few months hiatus you took to finish it :) but I have to admit I will definitely miss my Tues and Thurs afternoon pick me up during the work day! I actually recently re-read all of the posts on since it was slow at work.. so fellow readers, I recommend doing the same in Josie's absence! It definitely helps!!

    Best of luck, Jessica! We will all miss you!

  24. Best of luck on your book!

  25. good luck with your book!!!

  26. Congratulations and good luck with your book, Jessica? We will miss hearing about Josie but we will be here when you return. I'm looking forward to reading the next post :)

    For those of you who enjoy reading fictional blogs, check out my blog. I maintain my own blog and have a growing list of active fictional blogs that I enjoy who post regularly:

    1. Ahhh, of course as I hit post I saw my typo. It should be an exclamation point, not a question mark at the end of my first sentence. Whoops :)

  27. Booo I could cry at this news. =( This is my fav blog of them all. I don't use twitter very often so when you have some news about the book will you post it on here please. TY
    Renee Marie

    1. Renee, I will be posting this news EVERYWHERE as soon as I am allowed to. No one is going to be able to get me to shut up about it!

  28. love this blog, sad that I have to wait till May for more....but understandable!! does anyone know of a similar blog i could read in the meantime?

    1. I love this one.

    2. ill check it out, thanks!!

    3. and are the two others I read.

    4. You guys should check out Modern Day Faith ( It's the longest running blog like this one I've been able to find (almost five or six years) and it's currently active (just ignore the dates, the author is trying to catch up to real time so it looks like she's behind in posting but she's not).

    5. New York Dixie is my personal favorite after LSP. There's loads more like Modern Day Faith, Minnie Girl, Cali Soul, Canberry Vodka, etc. I think the link that Meg posted for Emma's Endeavors pretty much has the whole list.


    6. K's blog the original bedroom blog;73

  29. I am going to miss your blog but totally understand and I can't wait to hear your book news! I am not on twitter so I am glad you can post the update here too!

  30. Good luck with the book! This is so exciting for you! It sounds like a lot of work but will definitely be worth it in the end. I can't wait to see what's been up with Josie in May!

    If anyone wants to read my fiction blog, here's the link!

  31. While I like the fact that Richard wants to be there for his mom, at some point he is going to have to realize he can't "fix" her, and that he has been showing her that her behaviour is completely fine with him, despite the destructiveness of it. How long will he put his life on hold trying to make up for other people's shortcomings?

    I love the idea of treating the break you have to take for your upcoming book as a TV hiatus! I look forward to when you resume posting here and to your seemingly exciting book news, when you can shout it from the rooftops that is! Good luck in the next few months.


  32. hey girl you take all the time you need. make headwaves and your loyal readers will be as proud of you as a soccer playing mom.

  33. Cograts on your book
    Totally gona miss the posts will wait anxiously!!

  34. Good luck for you dear Jessica!

    Always eagerly waiting for your posts. Now I guess have to find another hobby till May. Sigh.

    ~Greetings from other part of the world~

    -Farah from Malaysia :)

  35. Best of luck with the book Jessica!

    I do worry that you might forget about LSP and this is the end of Josie! Please can you assure me this is not the case and you will DEFINITELY be back in May?? I'm addicted to LSP and it helps me escape all the negatives in my life! Thank you :)

  36. Jessica! NOO! Don't leave us! I'm going to miss you and these awesome blog posts. You've done such a great job, and have improved as a writer exponentially since day one. I have a feeling your book is going to be on New York's Bestsellers list. ;) Best of luck to you!

  37. congrats on all the success in your career jess! Two months isn't so bad, but I will miss my weekly LSP :(!!!

  38. I so Happy for you Jess ! You should be so proud of yourself. but omg honeslty i look forward to your blog so much like what am i going to do with my self ! LSP will be truely missed by so many ! But all the very best for your book jess

  39. congratulations, we'll miss you

  40. I have to defend Richard!
    I get it, he is not the best communicator, but ladies let's not forget we do not know much about him, yes we know he does not work and was cut off by his father. But prehaps his a master saver and he was able to save a million dollars over the years, so really not working a serious full time job for a year will not be the end of the world.
    I also feel like we are judging him too much, I don't know about you ladies, but I would like to think I would probably be doing everything for my mother as well, and like someone said above, just not enabling the cause...

  41. Darn. I really liked your blog. By the time you'll get back, I feel like I'd forget about it.
    If everyone hasn't, I recommend New York Dixie! She never misses a post and even her short posts are long! Waaaay awesome!!

  42. I know I'll be deprived of my Josie fix, but I will be ok until May ;)

    You go girl!

  43. Is it bad I came back hoping she'd post a "just kidding" post, saying she'd post even more. Im going through withdrawels already!! Hurry back Jessica!!
    Good luck with your book!!!

  44. Glad to see all positive responses today instead of some negative Nancys ;-) love this blog. Read it from beginning in cosmo and have been so glad to continue following here. Good luck with your book and am so excited for that info and Josie to come back in may!

    1. Just because some of us don't like Richard, doesn't mean we're negative Nancys. :)

  45. First I was like "Ohh great! Her book's making great progress." And then when I get to the part where you say LSP is going on a break, first thing that came to mind is that no new posts for a week or so. But then the word "May!" Oh boy..that's a long wait :(

    Well, not going to throw tomatoes at you. I'll just make salads out of those and wait patiently (*sob) for the next post and wish more great things about your book.

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