October 3, 2013

Someone Call The Maury Show

"Why?" I asked, and clamped my hand over my mouth in horror. I'd meant to say 'who.' "S-sorry," I stuttered, "I meant to say, 'who?' Freudian slip!" Oh my God, just stop talking, Josie.

"Freud, what?" Elizabeth replied, sounding confused, and I felt triumphant. You may weigh as much as my thigh when nine months pregnant, but my brain is better than yours!

"Nothing," I said. "Nevermind. You caught me off guard and I'm not making sense. How did you get my number?"

"William," Elizabeth said, lightly. Then there was silence...except, was that a baby I heard in the background?

"So...can I help you?" I prodded. But there was still silence. I realized Elizabeth wasn't paying attention to me anymore. I could hear her shushing what definitely had to be a baby, and not soothingly.

Finally, Elizabeth came back on the line. "Jesus," she huffed. "It's like, I've fed it, the nanny changed it, what else does it want?"

I was stunned speechless. I am not a kid person, but I couldn't imagine referring to my child as an 'it'.

"Anyway," Elizabeth sighed. "The reason I'm calling is because I need you to do me a favor, the way I did you a favor getting you a job."

I bit my tongue to keep from pointing out that she may have gotten me the interview, but I was the one who got the job —and kept it after a massive layoff. "What is it?" I asked, tightly.

"It's William's birthday on Thursday—did you know that?"

"I didn't," I said.

"Well, I wanted to surprise him with a present. It's this antique typewriter that apparently Hemingway used or something. It cost me a fortune and it isn't even functional, but he went crazy for it when we saw it at this auction a few months ago. I wanted to get it in his office before he gets there in the morning, and I was hoping you could just leave my name with security so I can pop in there quickly and drop it off on Thursday morning."

I was still trying to process everything Elizabeth had just said. From the sound of it, William and her were back together, and I'm assuming that meant he was the father? Was that the 'good news' William received over the weekend?

"Why don't you just give it to him at home?" I asked. If they had a baby together, they had to be living together, right?

"Because he wants it for his office. And I want to surprise him. I have my trainer in the morning so he'll think I'm on my way to that but really, I'll set it up in his office so it's there when he arrives."

I couldn't think of any good reason not to help her, so I said, "Um, sure. I guess can put your name in the security system as a guest."

"Perfect," Elizabeth said. Then she said goodbye without even thanking me. Harrumph.

I finished cleaning up, got ready for bed, and put the whole conversation out of my head until Wednesday night, when I had dinner with Peter.

After we'd settled into our seats and I had a big fat glass of wine in front of me, I said, "You're never going to believe who called me on Monday."

"Scorsese," Peter said. "He saw you on TV and wants you in his next movie."

"Weirder," I said. "Elizabeth."

Peter had been buttering a piece of bread but he froze, and a clump of butter slid off his knife and onto his plate. "What the hell did she want?"

I told him about our conversation, when I got to the part about putting her name in the security system, Peter said, "Tell me you didn't do that."

"Why?" I asked, a sick feeling forming in my stomach.

"Did you?"

"Before I left work tonight, yeah. I can take it out. It's not permanent. Should I?"

"I would," Peter said. "I don't think William and Elizabeth are together. And I definitely don't think that's his baby. I don't think he wants anything to do with her."

"What makes you say that?"

"Because I saw her last weekend, with the baby, and he has a full head of red hair."

I didn't know what the red hair comment was supposed to mean, but I was too curious about the fact that Peter had seen Elizabeth to focus on that at the moment. "Wait, you saw her?" I asked.

"I ran into her," Peter clarified. "That's what I wanted to tell you about."

"What happened?"

Peter said he'd gone for a run in the park on Saturday, after I'd left his apartment. After he was finished, he took a walk down to the reservoir to stretch. Sitting in a bench, with a stroller by her side, was Elizabeth.

"She was crying," Peter said.

Even after all the shitty things Elizabeth has done to other people, the image of her crying on a park bench on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, with a newborn and no one to share that joy with, tugged at the strings on my heart. I am a human!

"Why was she crying?" I asked.

"She's alone, Josie. She has no one. Her family is supporting her, financially, but they're furious with her. William wants nothing to do with her—I imagine—and she has a newborn. I can't speak from personal experience, but from what I can tell, having a newborn is hard as hell even when there are two parents. She's doing it on her own."

"She has a nanny and her parents pay for everything," I pointed out.

"Right, but she doesn't have any emotional support," Peter said. "Which is her own doing, no doubt. Elizabeth is a very troubled person, and it actually concerns me that she's alone with a baby for the better part of her day."

"But why do you think William doesn't want anything to do with her?"

"Because," Peter reached into his pocket and dug out his phone. He punched something in, waited, and showed me the screen. I was looking at a Facebook picture of a red headed man with his arm around a pretty brunette. His name was Andy Goodman. "Everyone knows she slept with Andy, even though he's married, and the baby has bright red hair. William isn't very smart, but it doesn't take a genius to put two and two together."

"William told me he had gotten 'good news' over the weekend," I said.

Peter snorted. "Probably that the kid is Andy's, which means he doesn't have to be tethered to my crazy ex-wife for the next eighteen years."

"So basically, I need to get back to my office right now and remove Elizabeth's name from the system."

"Just do it tomorrow," Peter said, waving his hand. "I'm starving."

"I can't relax right now," I said. "What if she decides to drop it off tonight? William will kill me if he finds out about this."

"Maybe that's for the best," Peter said.

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"Why do you even want to work at that place? It's unstable, they're bleeding money, and your boss is a dick."

"I like working for William," I said, defensively.

Peter laughed. "Since when?"

"I know he's an acquired taste but I've acquired it," I said. "He's a shark. And he trusts me. I feel like I have a lot to learn from him. I don't want to screw this up."

Peter sighed, irritably. "You really want to go over there right now? We can't even eat?"

"You don't have to come," I said. "But I just can't relax until I take care of this."

Peter didn't say anything, but he signaled to the waiter and asked how much we owed for the wine. I slurped down as much as possible before we left.

My building always gives me the creeps after 8 PM, which is when the lights automatically shut off. If you're there late, you have to manually turn them on. When I know I'm going to be working late, I frequently stake out by the lights around 7:57 so I can flick them on the moment they shut off. Otherwise I have to scramble through the dark to the far end of the office, and every time I encounter an object that is even remotely human shaped, like a coat rack, I give myself a heart attack thinking it's a rapist.

I said hello to the nighttime security guard, Mel, and introduced Peter. "I just forgot something," I said. "I'll only be a few minutes."

Peter said he would wait downstairs in the lobby, which was fine with me. He'd given me the silent treatment since we'd left the restaurant, only mumbling, "It's fine," when I told him again that he really didn't have to come with me.

It was easy enough to remove Elizabeth's name from the system. The hard part was going to be calling her and backing out on our deal.

It really freaked me out that I was so quick to believe her story and bend to her wishes. I don't doubt that she spent an arm and a leg on an antique typewriter, or that it was something William went crazy for at an auction they attended a few months ago, back when they were dating. I also don't doubt that it would have been a surprise for William, but it would have been a terrible one that could have gotten me into serious trouble. I suddenly felt vulnerable, the way I had when I first moved to New York. I'd moved for my ex-boyfriend Eric, and when I found out that he was cheating on me it was this terrible moment where I realized I had no idea how to protect myself, that my instincts were off and I couldn't trust them the way I thought I could. I thought everything between us was fine. Better than fine—great. How could I have been so wrong, especially when it was so obvious to so many other people that Eric was a total douche canoe? The Eric thing and the Elizabeth thing are two different situations, but they both demonstrate poor judgment that in retrospect, make me question myself. How could I have possibly thought everything with Eric was fine when he disappeared for days on end, and how could I have possibly thought that letting Elizabeth into William's office without his permission was a good idea? It was beyond idiotic. I was so mad at myself.

I decided to call Elizabeth from the privacy of my desk. She answered on the second ring, "Josie?"

"Hi," I said. "I just wanted to tell you I can't put your name in the security system anymore."

"Why?" Elizabeth demanded.

"Because I don't feel comfortable letting someone into William's office without his permission."

Elizabeth laughed, meanly. "I'm not someone, Josie, I'm the mother of his child. And when I'm not happy, William isn't happy."

Even though I knew she was bluffing, that statement still terrified me. "I'm sorry, Elizabeth. I wish you all the best." I hung up as she started to say something back to me.

I took a deep, shaky breath. I didn't know if I'd done the right thing. Maybe now I'd enraged Elizabeth so much she would show up tomorrow anyway and cause a scene.

Downstairs in the lobby, Peter was hunched over his phone, texting away. He looked up when he saw me. "Crisis averted?" he asked with a smile. The way he said it, it was condescending, like I'd made a big deal out of nothing. It was infuriating.

I stalked past him. "Yeah," I said sarcastically. "Crisis averted."

"Come on," Peter said, following me out. "I was just kidding."

We paused on the street corner. "Want to just order from the Thai place you like?" Peter suggested.

The Thai place I like is by Peter's apartment, not mine. "Actually," I said. "Do you mind if we just catch up later? I'm kind of in the mood to be alone."

Peter studied my face. "Why?"

"I'm just freaked out by this whole thing," I said. "I'm freaked out by myself, that I could be so stupid. I'm losing my focus. I can't fuck this up, and I almost just did."

"Josie, it's fine," Peter laughed. "You fixed it. William never has to know."

Peter's laughter worked me up even more. This wasn't funny. "But I know," I said. I realized I was near tears. "I know that I came this-close to a royal screw up two weeks after my company fired over half the staff. I can't afford to be distracted right now." As soon as I said those words, I realized what a game changer they were.

"And you think I'm distracting you?" Peter shot back.

I could have turned it around right there. I could have backed down and said, no, of course not, I was just making a mountain out of a mole hill. But I would be lying to myself and to Peter, and I couldn't do that. If being with Peter was the right thing for me at the moment, I wouldn't have so many second thoughts. I loved Peter, I really did, but the truth was I did not want to be in a relationship with him. I didn't want to be in a relationship with anyone. I'd finally found my niche in New York, and I wanted to give that my all for a little bit. I didn't want to have to share that with anyone else.

"I'm just not the type of person who can do two things, two important things, at once."

Peter dug his hands in his pockets and nodded. "I'm not going to try and change your mind," he said. "But I think you're making a big mistake. You can have both, you know. It doesn't have to be one or another."

But I didn't want both. And I didn't want to be with someone who couldn't fully support me right now, and Peter's suggestion that I just find a new job demonstrated that he didn't. "For me it does. I can't reign in my feelings for you. I can't take things slow with our history. And even if I could, you don't want to take things slow."

Peter sighed. "Fine, Josie. Go find yourself, soul search, whatever. I can tell you, speaking from experience, it's not nearly as much fun as it sounds. There are a lot of douchebags out there."

"Awesome," I said. "Sweet pep talk."

Peter stepped off the curb and held his hand up. "Here's a cab for you," he said. He opened the door for me, but wouldn't look at me as I climbed inside.

I started to say something but he slammed the door in my face. Fine. If that's how it's going to be. I gave the driver my address and settled into the backseat, blinking back tears. I did care about Peter, and the thought of not having him in my life was heartbreaking. But I knew, without a doubt, that not having him in my life was the right decision.


  1. Aw. I haven't commented in a while, and first I just wanted to say thank you so much for keeping up with this blog. Reading the posts are the highlights of my days at work. :)

    I do think what Elizabeth was asking was waaaaay shady--it doesn't sound plausible, and I'm glad Josie backed out of it.

    I was admittedly hoping that she and Peter would end up a couple again, but they're not really in the same place right now so I don't think it would work too well. I liked Peter a lot, and I thought he was very patient with Josie, but I'm proud of her for wanting to focus on her career. Good girl.

  2. It also feels like he's coming from a place of.....weird....why was he supportive then not and now just being rude? I'm not sure I get him anymore but if they need time, maybe its for the best. Great post as usual!

  3. And we are back to the simpering and stupid Josie. She is so immature I can hardly believe she can tie her own shoes. It isn't even realistic that she would just assume Elizabeth was telling the truth. She never believed her before, why start now? Why should that be Peter's fault? Peter is right, she could have the best of both worlds, but that would mean she would have to actually start acting like a grown up and not a high schooler. I think I am done with this blog. Having Josie be immature 99.9% of the time is just not enjoyable to read.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. How is she being immature? She decided that what she wants is to be single and focus on her work, and Peter acted like a baby about that.

    3. Seems like the opposite of immature, she knows what she wants for once, she decided she wants to focus on her career rather than focus on a relationship. You don't enjoy reading, then don't.

    4. Sounds like you want to read a blog about a thirty something. Twenty something's generally like to focus on building their future and not a man. The mature ones do anyway.

      Josie finally showed some maturity in this post! And I loved it!

    5. I think Josie gets entirely too defensive, especially with Peter, and I think its because she feels inferior. To all you stating "Yay! She's showing maturity and concentrating on herself" I'll believe it when she doesn't have another man lined up in less than two weeks.

    6. Josie is immature. She has been leading Peter on for a while now and after he gave her good advice on being so naive she decides he's distracting. She's just so clueless! Josie didn't decide she wanted to be single, she decided she didn't want to date Peter which is different. From what I have read I doubt she'll be single for long anyway. She's the annoying girl everyone dislikes that has to have a boyfriend.

      To the poster above, not all twenty something's are this screwed up. I know plenty of women who at this age had both career and family. You can have it both. Josie wants both but won't do the work necessary to have both. It's just sad. Why can't there be a story of a woman who knows what she wants and isn't so damn conflicted about making a decision instead of all these damsel in distress girls? Can Josie grow a back bone and a brain while we're at it? Thanks

    7. Thank you! Josie is mature when she wants to feel superior to someone else. That is called immaturity! Most of the women I know who are 25 years old are not this immature. The ones who are, have no clue about life and are living in their parents basement. Isn't 25 when you are past your college years and starting to be an adult? I don't see any adult behavior, I see a petulant woman-child who will blame everyone else for her bad decisions. How about some strong female behavior and appreciation for a man who is working with her as she fits into her skin. UGH!

    8. I think your just mad because you want her with Peter.

    9. I like Peter, but he is clearly showing that he doesn't respect Josie's career or the time she must dedicate to it. If Peter has a work obligation you can be sure he would expect Josie to be ok with it. She is just starting out, working hard at getting established, and he is being dismissive of the fact that she still has to pay her dues. He doesn't have to respect William as a person but he DOES have to respect his position as Josie's BOSS. They are at different places in their lives and that's becoming more and more clear. Peter is dismissing the fact that Josie is still growing as a person and gaining life experience. That is not the foundation for an equal and mutually respectful relationship.

    10. Most women in their 20s would rather read stuff about drama. Don't give negative comments about this blog.
      I think Josie will start dating Richard soon!

    11. It's mature of her to say goodbye to a man who constantly disrespects her life decisions. A good man would support her even if he doesn't agree. A good woman would walk away from anything less.

      Peter has grown bitter & childish. I'm over it. He always has some snarky ass comment to make about the things going on in Josie's life. If she was any weaker, he'd easily be manipulating her.

    12. Uh excuse me, in what world does "good man" mean supporting everything you do even if he doesn't agree?
      I would think a good man would try to make you feel better after a major layoff (which he did), give you space when you're unsure about the relationship (which he did) and WARN YOU when you're about to help the same woman you credit for breaking y'all up the first time (which he did.) I won't even add the part where the dumped bf calls a cab for your ass after you refer to him as a distraction...but Peter did that too.
      Sorry. Peter is a good man. Josie just doesn't want him enough.

  4. Wow. I was a big supporter of Peter, but now I'm thinking Josie definitely made the right choice - Peter clearly isn't thinking of her best interests, and if he's not there completely, why should she even consider compromising on whether or not to take things slow? And the way Peter handled the breakup was bitter and immature. Josie will find someone better.

    And with the Elizabeth thing, I think Josie could've called her bluff and told her to give her the present to drop off in the morning. Then we'd see more of Elizabeth's intentions.

    1. I agree with Peter. Josie acts like a child who can't do two things at once, always wants what she can't have and acts petulant when any one criticizes her.

  5. hopefully you won't regret it later !!!!..

    Great post as usually ...

  6. Yay!!! Thank you for showing what a douche Peter can be. I remember the way things ended before and I never bought this whole Peter is good for Josie BS. He is insecure and selfish. That's probably why he even made it to marriage with Elizabeth. Birds of a feather and all that jazz!

    Yay Josie.

    1. How is Peter a douche? Because he is refusing to indulge in Josie's hissy fit? Because she cannot own her bad decisions without freaking drama? Peter is an adult who is refusing to be a door mat. How is he insecure? He is the focused and mature one. Josie is the one who acts like a child.

    2. ^^ 100% agree. I don't think Peter's the immature one at all.

    3. Look at his behavior in this post. If that's not immature and childish I don't know what is. Either way buh bye Pete.

    4. Peter is the one who opened Josie's eyes to how stupid she was being about Elizabeth.
      She's the one who called him a distraction.

  7. Good for you Josie, I don't think Elizabeth was telling the truth because at the moment she asked for the favour I assumed she would be snooping around the office, if anything I would ask Josie to put the surprise for him there.

    I didn't care for Peter, he rubs me the wrong way for some reason. He acts too condescending in my opinion.

    And to the Anonymous who posted at 2:12pm, if this is not enjoyable to you, no one is forcing you to read it.

    1. Without Peter, Josie wouldn't have been wise enough to realize Elizabeth was lying to her. Peter was simply looking out for Josie, but she's too shortsighted to see that.

    2. ^^ So true. I completely agree with you Heather. Peter pretty much saved her from a potential train wreck she didn't even see coming.

    3. No one is forcing anyone to read, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Don't have a comments section if people aren't supposed to make their comments known. Also, I agree that Peter has saved Josie's rear end.

    4. Peter has always rubbed me the wrong way too!!! It's like he wants to father her but when she wants to be independent he throws a hissy fit like here. He may have thwardted the situation with Elizabeth, but she may have come to the conclusion on her own as well. Stay rid of Peter, go Richard!

  8. Huge fan of the Josie/Peter story, sad to read that it's over :(

  9. Yaaay! Good for josie! I think I'm starting to see her mature >tear< lol. In the beginning of the post, I was like WTH josie, don't fall for elizabeth's story, it sounded shady. There's still more to why william was so happy and to whatever is going on with elizabeth and her baby. That woman is clearly insane if she was calling her own baby ”it”, smh. Anyway, I'm glad josie is taking control of her life and what SHE wants. Can't wait to see where this goes

  10. Aw, this was a little sad, but I do think it was for the best. Good for Josie, choosing to put herself first. So many women push everything in their lives aside to make space for boyfriends. The right relationship doesn't force you to do that; it just fits. Not to say that relationships don't take work, but Josie isn't at the point in her life or in her relationship with Peter where the amount of work she'd need to put in is worth it. And I like William too. She's right- he's an acquired taste but she's acquired it. She's gotten a lot of good experience and feedback working with him, and Peter wasn't really fully supporting that.

    I am just SO glad that she didn't leave Peter for Richard or something like that. She can still hook up with him later if the opportunity presents itself, but this way the whole blog isn't Josie just bouncing from guy to guy. Nice post, Jessica! :)

    1. Guaranteed her and Richard hook up in less than a month. Probably less than two weeks. Maybe less than two days.

    2. Don't we all know that one girl who acts like this?

  11. Aw, this was a little sad, but I do think it was for the best. Good for Josie, choosing to put herself first. So many women push everything in their lives aside to make space for boyfriends. The right relationship doesn't force you to do that; it just fits. Not to say that relationships don't take work, but Josie isn't at the point in her life or in her relationship with Peter where the amount of work she'd need to put in is worth it. And I like William too. She's right- he's an acquired taste but she's acquired it. She's gotten a lot of good experience and feedback working with him, and Peter wasn't really fully supporting that.

    I am just SO glad that she didn't leave Peter for Richard or something like that. She can still hook up with him later if the opportunity presents itself, but this way the whole blog isn't Josie just bouncing from guy to guy. Nice post, Jessica! :)

    1. Completely agree! Everyone else here is mad that she broke up with him, but really she was on the verge of doing that a couple of posts ago, but the whole Ashley situation just made her appreciate him and want to keep him. If she wants to focus on her place in the NY world, and not have to be responsible to anyone else, then that's what she should do. Peter's all "been there, done that, you're gonna get hurt" but Josie needs to live it for herself. As supportive of Josie Peter is, he's not supportive of her job, which is the biggest thing in her life right now. And she's been rocked by realizing she's been making poor choices in judgement, and she needs to be alone. Things like that are hard to fix when in a relationship. It's bad timing again. Peter wants it all now, and Josie just wants herself. And that's fine. But yea, no boys for her for a couple of posts, then yea maybe a Richard hook-up cuz that would cray interesting! Just because she's not attached to another guy doesn't mean she can't still do it!

  12. Awww I was a huge supporter of Peter and Josie :( I loved the guy, but was really upset by the way he acted in this post. From one stand point, I do understand why he was so upset. I mean, he's 37 and all his friends are married and have a family and a spouse that they're in love with. And I think Peter was really hoping he could have that with Josie. I just wish he would have handled it better. I by no means think he's a jerk though. Yeah he may have ACTED like a jerk in the moment. But what could he do? He was frustrated and it made him really upset. I still think he's a good guy. I am proud of Josie for FINALLY making a decision though (even though I wish she would have stayed with him). But, if Josie does anything with Richard, I will honestly punch a wall. It would be so hypocritical for her to let Peter go and then go hook up with Richard. So I really hope he stays out of the storyline. Please just bring in a guy we all love and someone who is good for Josie. Anyways, I can't wait until Peter and Josie have that dinner he bid $5,500 for. That'll be an interesting post!

  13. So sad Peter and Josie are no more. I really liked them together. I really hate Richard, I hope nothing happens between him and Josie. I feel like that would be a HUGE mistake on her part.

    But yeah, what happened to the auction dinner Josie and Peter were supposed to have? Anyone have any idea when that's supposed to happen? I'm really looking forward to that! Can't wait to hear about it.! I think it would be a good way for Peter and Josie to get closure if she truly doesn't want to be with him. They both love each other, but I guess it's just too complicated to be together. And I think it's really important they get the closure they need since they both care about each other so much. So hopefully Peter and Josie end on a better note than this.

    So maybe they can use the dinner he bid on to get on better terms?? I don't know, I just don't want this to be how Peter and Josie's story ends. So hopefully we can see them come to better terms than leaving each other on such a bitter moment.

  14. Ugh, this is the point at which I stop reading this blog. Josie is nothing but a hot mess who can't get her crap together. She has a great man, who is supportive and they have a great history, he can help to guide her through some of the new experiences she will have in her career (it's nice to have someone you trust who has "been there, done that"). She's just going to throw it away because she's selfish, she doesn't "want to share it" with anyone. What a crock of crap. Yet she's still hot for Richard, and $10 says she'll be down his pants within the next week's postings. What an unenjoyable turn of events. We read the blog to be entertained, not frustrated and annoyed but an idiot character who can't ever get her act together.

  15. Ughhh I liked peter. I do not like Josie.... That was dumb. It seems she is always ending things on a whim without thinking about it... this is the friend everyone has that you don't want to hear crying back to you after when she misses him even though she broke up with him...

    1. Omg. No lies I have been thinking about my own friend who is just like Josie in so many ways. I have to listen to the same insensitive drama loving attitude day in and day out.
      Why, why can't certain people admit that THEY are the problem?

  16. I really don't understand why so many people think Peter's such a bad guy. He's just upset. I mean if you had to deal with some of the things he's had to deal with, you'd get frustrated a lot too. So yes, he may act like a jerk sometimes, but seriously? What guy doesn't? I think overall he was a good person who could of taught Josie a lot. I don't think he was immature, and even if he was, that would mean Josie was 10x more immature than him. And it baffles me that people think Richard would be better than Peter. I just don't understand. Being with Richard would just take Josie 10 steps back. There is no way Richard would be more stable than Peter.

    Ugh, Jessica just bring in a new guy we can all agree would be a good fit for Josie rather than having her hookup with complete douches. Cause Peter was right, there are a lot of douchebags out there. And I really don't know how much frustration I can handle from Josie if she ends up with a complete jerk. I think Peter is the closest she's ever gotten to a "good guy." Hopefully another can come along :(

  17. "The Eric thing and the Elizabeth thing are two different situations, but they both demonstrate poor judgment that in retrospect, make me question myself. How could I have possibly thought everything with Eric was fine when he disappeared for days on end, and how could I have possibly thought that letting Elizabeth into William's office without his permission was a good idea? It was beyond idiotic. I was so mad at myself."

    Josie was more mad at herself for the bad decisions she has made in her life and inadvertently took it out on Peter. He was very supportive about her entire work situation a few blogs back. I think Peter was more annoyed and disappointed at how Josie was so quick to believe Elizabeth. He knows how Elizabeth feels about Josie. Elizabeth is a manipulator. If Josie falls for her lies, then that is Josie's fault. Josie still thinks Richard is a good person. Richard is a user and once he gets what he wants from Josie, he will be gone.

    What I don't understand is that Josie was feeling all sad retrospective when she saw Peter had a new GF. She even told him that the only way he could contact her was if he broke up with the GF. Why would she say that if she didn't have any intentions of being with him again? The man paid $5,500 for her at an auction. She told him to do something for her so she wouldn't look like the bad guy in the long run. It was for HER benefit. And what did he get? A person who still can't make a decision without thinking about the consequences. If she turns around and sleeps with Richard or starts hooking up with random guys, then we know Josie was lying to herself all along.

    And as for doing two important things at once. It can be done. It takes a lot of patience and hard work. I don't think Josie really wants to do any of those things. She hates making grown-up decisions. She hates thinking about bad choices and consequences.

  18. Lol, poor Peter. I doubt he had any intention of being a jerk, even if Josie percieved it as such. She stole him away from his meal that he had probably been looking forward to having with her. He was irritated cause he was hungry. She overreacts way too much. She didn't go about this in a mature way, and I really think she'll regret her decision.

  19. I kind of don't why Josie's so upset??? This was a sumb fight...it's seems to me she was looking for a reason to end it

  20. She seems to have gotten to a point where dealing with Elizabeth is just making a relationship with Peter too much work. He seemed to be good to her, but that backstory is always going to be there. Plus, he was being pretty condescending about her job. She really likes that job and if he cares about her, he would be able to see that. I think he was mostly just jealous that she was working with William. Just a thought......

    Anyway, I hope at some point we hear the rest of the story about Elizabeth and her wickedness. She's an awesome villain and it seems like we start to get a picture of what she's up to and then the focus is shifted to something else and we never hear the end of that story.

  21. For one thing, I applaud Josie for sticking up for herself. She clearly enjoys her job and Peter speaking negatively of that is quite rude and unsupportive. I still think he harbors negative feelings towards William for being with Elizabeth, which shows he isn't and will never be completely over her.

    Elizabeth is such a hot mess, I love her storyline and want to hear more.

    Hopefully next week we hear about what has gone down between Nina and Ashley, and more about Josie's work!

  22. I'm sad to see Josie break up with Peter but let's face it, if she were really into Peter she wouldn't even consider hooking up with Richard. I fell like she was stringing Peter along from the beginning. In the Hamptons she gets all upset because Peter had moved on. She tells him she'll give him another chance if he breaks with his girlfriend, he does. Now that she has him she doesn't want him, she wants Richard. I feel that Richard is bad news and shouldn't be trusted but wouldn't be surprised if Josie hooks up with him soon. Regarding Elisabeth, I'm baffled as to why she should trust her. Forget her craziness with Peter, but just months ago didn't she steal the book idea from William's office?

    I wish Josie would focus on herself for a little and then meets a nice new guy

  23. Thank goodness she didn't allow Elizabeth in. I was having thoughts of Fatal Attraction or something waiting for Wm when he showed up in the morning.

    I believe she has too much going on to be in the kind of relationship that Peter wants. I'm totally Team Peter, but with the job, the reality TV show, Richard drama, Ashley drama, Elizabeth drama....she can hardly focus on a real relationship. It's like she wants to play grown up, but isn't ready to let go of some of the freedoms that go with being single. I guess we'll see how it all plays out.

  24. I have to say, the comments on this post were SO much better than the post itself. So interesting to see the opinions and obvious demographics of the readers.

  25. Oh my goodness, could Josie be more indecisive?! The girl needs a healthy dose of maturity and learn how to find balance in her life. Next she is going to be whining when she finds out that Peter is dating someone new and fabulous. She really isn't likeable as a main character yet I keep hoping for the best for her.

  26. Happy for Josie to step away from Peter. I used to be his biggest fan. Once they reunited, he changed. He's selfish, condescending, & never fully supports Josie in anything. She may have a childish, immature side, but she's young enough to be ALLOWED to explore that side. She doesn't have to get tied down & further involved with a guy if she isn't ready.

    Also, if you broke up with a guy that you weren't truly happy with, would you expect people to tell you that you're childish & you should be with them anyway? That's stupid. For all of you acting like Peter is the only guy for Josie, you're ridiculous. It's possible that they just don't fit.

  27. I'm Actually glad she broke it off. But not because it's good for her. Because its good for him.
    He pulled out all the stops this time to make things work with her. Dumped his girl. Paid five thousand for a simple date. Gave her space and time to think. But very time she says "Peter is who I needed, I love him, I care about him..." she then flips and thinks about Richard, and how she can't be distracted, and how Peter doesn't support her.
    Peter doesn't support immature and indecisiveness--that's what I've learned. Josie needs to go through that phase. Peter is over that shit. So for Josie's attitude to go from hot to cold to DONE is enough to make anyone slam a door in your face--a door to a cab that HE called for HER (as a note to everybody bashing Peter right now. ) he clearly still cares. He's just tired of the bullshit.
    Frankly so am I. Josie, you're twenty five. Grow up. Learn from this. If you never get wth him again the least you can do is learn from the mistakes you made while with him.

  28. 100 bucks says she's gonna hear about his new chick and get pissy again. Anyone agree?

  29. I cant wait for the dinner they are supposed to go to. I didnt want them to end like this

  30. if women cant do two things at once, how could?, Peter just help her to don't screw her job up, and she decides to let him, and if she realizes that her guts instincts are not good, Peter is the only man that really can be somebody to trust, but anyway her lust

  31. with all of these heated comments, what we need us is a down and dirty sex scene. i could totally see jos and richard drunken hooking up at a halloween party. just saying.


  32. Time for Josie to experience being single! I can't wait!

    Chucking up the dueces Pete!

  33. Ugh. I hope this doesn't mean shes gonna run over to Richard. I hate Richard. I think he should stay single for a while.
    Also, to add to the whole Josie maturity debate here are my two cents: I dont see maturity. She was pissed at herself for being so stupid and falling into elizabeth's crap and projected it all on Peter. Had it not been for Peter "distracting" her, she wouldn't have realized her foolishness. She might actually need these "distractions."

  34. FINALLY!!! I loved this post, good riddance to Peter, I know most loved him here but I never really thought he was right for her even though the sex was great. Time to find yourself Josie, glad you didnt stay with him just because he is a good guy. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants and in this case it wasnt him .

  35. I think Josie breaking up with Peter will just obligate her to test out the water with Richard. And I don't like Richard. I wish Josie was mature enough to be with Peter.

  36. Wow I really cant believe Josie did that, Peter seemed like such a nice guy, if it wasn't for him she wouldn't have realised how stupidly she gave in to Elizabeth's request. I think she just wants to have some fun with Richard. Seems like Justin was right about her.

  37. I don`t understand why Josie even considers Richard!! How can you compare Richard with Peter?! They are like sky and earth. Peter is mature, he is a man! Richard is just a boy. Player, arrogant, broke and insecure boy! I guess if Josie decides to stay with Peter, the blog will end sooner. For the sake of blog, Josie better stay single and meet more new people. I assume Peter will marry some hot young mature woman soon and have a dream wedding and babies.

    1. Where in the post does it say Josie is considering Richard?

  38. Josie was mature in her decision to end things with Peter; she's absolutely right, if it were meant to be she wouldn't have so many second guesses. She was immature in her decision to end things with Peter when she was in such an negative emotional state, it's never good to make a snap decision just because you feel crappy about another one. But if she hadn't done it now, she would have rationalized until the next time she saw him or probably just broken up with him over text- equally bad. For everyone saying Peter is great and she was lucky to have him, just because a guy is awesome and nice and wants a commitment doesn't ALWAYS mean you should settle when your heart isn't in it. Why should he settle for a woman who wants to put her career first when clearly he wants to focus on a serious relationship? Though personally I think it was super rude what Peter did this post- everyone's right, he's the one who pointed out what a bad decision it was to let elizabeth into the building, but then when Josie took his advice he was all pissy about it. He was also VERY condescending about her job- I know what it's like to have a job that doesn't necessarily pay the best or provide to many opportunities, but it's still meaningful in some way- plus, regardless of Williams scumbag status he kept Josie around when times were tough and could be a great asset to her in the future. And for all the evidence that Peter is a great guy, I see just as much evidence that he'll probably end up running to Elizabeth's side, supporting her kid and being stuck to his "psycho ex for 18 years". I think Josie will probably have many hilarious dating adventures, though the best thing for her to do would be focus on her career and self- but I'm totally fine reading about love, sex and pizza instead!

  39. I think she needs someone new not pter or Richard just someone different that's notnot a weird eithed maybe a one nighy stand turns out to be someone she needs

  40. That wasn't even a Freudian slip, it would simply have been Josie misspeaking.

  41. Woooo! Peter so needed to go!! Team Richard :)

  42. This is so random, but I still wish it worked out with josie and justin, I never really understood what happened at the auction night when justin bought her up. What's up with that? Can someone clarify that for me please?

    1. It wasn't Justin, it was Peter. She thought it was Justin cause she got a note saying somethinglike "i miss you,J" and she thoight J stood for Justin but it really stood for Josie.

  43. Noooo I wanted josie to stick around w peter. He was good for her. They had some good sex stories. Let them have an intense breakup sex the night of the dinner they are supposed to attend together!!!

  44. I think she's just mad that Peter could figure out the stupidity of her actions before SHE did.
    You don't call someone who just saved your job a a distraction.
    Josie is NOT mature. Not in this post.

  45. Yay! Peter is a douche. Go josie

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