October 10, 2013


Before I went into work on Wednesday, I stopped by Dry Bar and got their 'signature' blowout. This client had given me a gift certificate a while back and I was meeting Ian later so it seemed like the time to use it. I figured showing up with locks more luscious than usual couldn't hurt my chances of getting some.

I had the first appointment at 8AM when they opened, and I thought I would be the only person there, but the place was jam packed with cute girls getting their hair did for whatever hump day plans they had after work. I felt such camaraderie with my fellow hussies that I was tempted to rally everyone into doing the 'bend and snap' routine from Legally Blonde. But then I just returned to my copy of Lucky and continued lusting after Eva Chen's editor's letter outfit. 

I was in a stellar mood by the time I arrived at work—nothing could get me down! Not even William giving me a weird look and asking if Farrah Fawcett hair had come back into style and he somehow missed it (I guess the Dry Bar signature blowout is a little Charlie's Angels-ish). I could have the job and I could still have my womanly needs met. Gross! I said womanly needs. The key, I realized, was not getting attached, like Penny Lane and the Band-Aids. Ian, who lives almost 3,000 miles away, was the perfect person not to get attached to. Tangled up with for the night, yes, but not attached.

I set to work on the pile of manuscripts on my desk, returning emails, crafting emails, and rearranging William's calendar—double, triple checking his appointments against his emails to me. Things were going so well here, and I couldn't slip up on something as mundane as his calendar. 

Around 1, Kate and I broke for lunch. I was trying to decide between a nice fat sandwich and a salad, the eternal girl lunch debate, when Kate mentioned she was grabbing a drink with Richard later. 

"I thought he was taking a time out from drinking," I said.

"He's taking a time out from boozing," Kate said. "Not drinking. There's a difference."

"So I take it things with you two are fine then?" I squinted at the calorie counts on the menu. How could the Spinach and Fig salad have more calories than the tomato and mozzarella panini? That's it, I was getting the panini. I needed sustenance for later anyway, since Ian and I weren't even going to dinner. We were actually going to a concert at Joe's Pub. There was some 'talent' he wanted to check out.

"I mean, it's still a little awkward," Kate admitted. "I don't want him to think I like him or anything. Because I don't. I just wanted to hook up that night." She made a psh-aw noise. "I would never date Richard." 

I wasn't sure if this was just self-protective talk or not, but either way it was making me feel guilty. I hated keeping what had happened with Richard from Kate, but the moment to tell her what had happened was immediately after it happened, and that had passed. I didn't even really get a chance to seize it because that was the day of the Literatti massacre, and then we were all at the bar, and Richard was already all over Kate, and I just didn't know how to tell her then, without making it look like I just didn't want her to hook up with him because I was jealous. Though, to be honest, I still don't know if I would have told her, even if the perfect opportunity had presented itself. In my mind it was a one time slip and it's not like Kate and Richard were ever together, together. I do think there are certain cases where ignorance is bliss, and where total honesty isn't always necessary. The problem with that is that there is always that slight chance the person you are keeping something from will find out, and the fall out will always be ten times worse than if you'd just come clean from the get go.

The sandwich guy handed me my panini. It was the size of my face and there was no way it was less caloric than that measly little spinach salad. I'll only eat half, I rationalized. Then later, as I chewed the last bite, Well, this is like lunch and dinner, so it's okay

I was just closing out all the windows on my computer screen when I heard William calling for me. He was actually yelling, "Farrah! Farrah!" But I knew he meant me. I sighed and made my way to his office. One day you will be the boss, one day you will be the boss, I repeated to myself.  

"Farrah! There you are," William said. He laughed at his own joke. "I thought you'd taken off on one of your secret missions for Charlie."

I rolled my eyes. "No, I actually have a date so I'm getting ready to go."

"A date!" William said. "Good for you. It's good to let loose after work sometimes. Can't work too hard." William always tells me not to work too hard but if I didn't work as hard as I did it would be my ass. 

"What's up?" I prodded. It was 8 and I was meeting Ian at 8:30. 

"I was just hoping you could drop these writing samples off at The Carlyle before you go." William pushed a binder across his desk. "Mary Ann doesn't 'do' email attachments."

I suppressed a weary sigh. Mary Ann is one of our clients who is freakishly suspicious of computers and big brother and is also looking for a ghost writer for her book. The Carlyle is all the way uptown, and Joe's Pub is all the way downtown. I couldn't say no, and now I was going to be very late.  

"Sure." I plastered a fake smile on my face. The boss is always right! "I'll head over now."

I texted Ian to let him know I would be running late. William said I could expense a cab, so at least I had that on my side. It was 8:24 by the time I got to The Carlyle, 8:31 by the time I located Mary Ann's room and passed off the ghost writing samples to her. Then she engaged me in a long conversation about how cell phones give you brain cancer and I tried my best to sound like I didn't think she was one crazy fucking bat as I provided her with various responses to placate her. "Really? A government conspiracy? Wow, I had no idea."

It was 9:02 by the time I was in a cab, on my way to the East Village. It took another half an hour to get there and then they wouldn't let me in the goddamn concert hall because I would 'interrupt' the performance and I had to wait for the intermission, which wasn't for another forty minutes. By this time I was so harried and annoyed and sweaty that my Farrah Fawcett do was plastered to the side of my face and all the good will I felt about 'having it all' earlier that morning was gone. At least there was a bar in the lobby.

Two glasses of wine restored my mood, and by the time the concert broke for an intermission and Ian came through the doors, looking so dangerously lithe and feline in his rocker chic attire, I practically flung myself at him.

"Rough day, huh?" Ian said. He had his arms around my shoulders and he picked my Farrah hair up off my shoulders and flipped it onto my back, his fingertips grazing the sides of my neck as he did.

I smiled up at him at him. "It wasn't that bad."

Ian ordered a beer and then we found our way to our seats. We were tucked into a dark corner, sharing a table with a few strangers, forced to sit so close together our thighs touched. 

"Dori is amazing," Ian said, referring to the singer we'd come to see. "She's on the brink of blowing up. She's always had this huge cult following but she's about to be bigger than Adele when her new album drops. You'll always get to say you saw her here first." Ian was right—the place was packed, and I'd read online that Dori's concert had sold out in just a few hours.

The lights dimmed and the concert resumed. I don't normally enjoy concerts unless I know the music I'm listening to (how else can I sing along, duh?), but Ian was right, this girl was amazing. Not only was she ridiculously talented, but she was beautiful—model tall and model thin. It was the type of music that warmed you from the inside out almost instantly, like you'd heard her songs before even though you couldn't have because they were off her latest, not-yet-released album. Ian's thigh was warm against mine and he had his arm resting on the booth, just above my head. Every now and then he would lean in and whisper something in my ear—some little factoid like, Dori's grandmom is an old Hollywood actress. He would pause after he said it, his face still close to mine, watching my reaction. 

Towards the end of the show, he leaned in again. "You know I used to date her."

I turned my head. Our faces were inches from each other, our noses practically touching. "You did not," I said. 

Ian nodded. A slow smile spread across his face. "She's cool. I'll introduce you to her." He tilted his head ever so slightly, and his eyes were on my lips. "She'll like you."

And then we were kissing. One of those really soft, slowwww kisses where you just hold on to the feeling of your lips against his lips, not really moving, just touching. I think I half melted into the back of the booth by the time Ian pulled away. I couldn't even rectify this Ian in my mind with the Ian I knew in high school.

When the concert ended, Ian led me through the kitchen and backstage, where Dori was hanging out with her band.

"Knock, knock," Ian rapped on the door frame.

"Holy shit," Dori said. Her voice was husky and it matched her whole tough girl ensemble—jet black hair, baggy leather pants and a ripped tank. Her 'look' was in total contrast to her voice.

Dori uncrossed her long legs and peeled herself off her chair. She had the same slow, languid way about her that Ian did. She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered something in his ear and he laughed. The way their bodies fit together—they had definitely been a couple once.

"This is Josie," Ian said, bringing me into their fold.

"Josie," Dori said. "Hi."

"That was a great show," I gushed.

Dori smiled and swept her eyes up and down over me, then smiled wider. "Thanks." She hooked her arm around Ian's shoulder—she was practically his height. "What are you guys doing now? Want to come back to our hotel with us?"

Ian looked at me. Go back to the hotel with the band? Ian may not have been in the cool crowd in high school, but he was certainly in the cool crowd in the real world. I nodded and tried to look nonchalant about it but inside I was geeking out.

Dori was staying at The Standard—naturally. Her suite was milling with various people when we arrived—publicists, family members, a few fans/groupies. It was actually a great place to network and I forced myself to introduce myself to Dori's publicist. I told her what I did and how we'd love a chance to work with Dori if she was interested in books. We exchanged cards and I couldn't wait to report on this new find to William in the morning, even though I was a little annoyed with him for making me sweaty and late for my date.

After an hour or so, the crowd started to peter out, and Ian grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom, where a few people were lounging on the bed, including Dori. They were passing a joint and the room reeked of pot. Ian took a hit and handed it to me. I can handle one quickie drag and that's about it, as evidenced by my tweak out that night I accidentally ate those magic brownies at Brad's place. I took a baby pull and passed it on. 

Ian folded his body into a big plush chair caddy corner to the bed, and pulled me into his lap. He looped his arms around my waist, his hands resting against the zipper of my jeans, or, as the romance books say, my pulsating sex. Pulsating sex! That made me giggle. Yup, one hit is about all I can handle.

The joint had made its way around the room and Dori got up off the bed and made her way over to us. She knelt at the foot of the chair. She was so tall that we were almost at eye level. I politely declined another drag—when the phrase 'pulsating sex' makes an appearance in your head it's better to just cut your losses, wouldn't you say?

"No?" Dori asked. She cocked her head at me, looking disappointed. But then she leaned forward to hand it off to Ian, and her hair brushed over my bare shoulder as she did, making me shiver. There was this weird moment where I thought she was going to kiss me or something, and I thought, huh, I could do that. And then we were kissing. It lasted no more than five seconds, and there was no tongue. When Dori pulled away her eyes were sleepy and she sighed, contentedly. Then she got up and returned to the bed with her friend.

"Let's get out of here," Ian whispered behind me.

It was such a weird but erotic moment that my legs were shaky beneath me when I stood. Dori waved goodbye to us and then Ian was pulling me out of the room.

"So that's why Dori and I broke up," Ian said, laughing, as we stepped onto the elevator. "I told you she would like you."

"Of course she would like me," I said. 'I'm irresistible." Wink. I do have this theory that all celebrity types are pan-sexuals—they're not straight or gay, necessarily, just so attractive and with so many options that they'll try it all.

I turned to Ian. "Did you set that up so you could witness a little girl on girl or something?"

Ian laughed. "No." He pulled me close. "I don't like to share."

We grabbed a cab and headed to my apartment. I didn't even bother to turn on the lights when we stepped inside. We found our way to my bedroom and Ian fell on top of me, pulling off my jacket and his shirt. My room never really gets dark because the light from the city is so bright, and I could see Ian had tattoos on his ribs, and a small symbol right above one of his pecs. "You're so hot," I said. "How did you get so hot?" It was one of those things I meant to say in my head, not out loud, but I was too buzzed to be embarrassed.

Ian laughed and covered me with his body. "I've thought about this a long time," he said. When he was closer, he lowered his voice and said so softly I almost didn't hear him, "I've wanted to make you feel like this for a long time."

We only made out, but there was a point where he was so hard and I wanted him so badly, but I just knew it wasn't a good idea. I started to explain myself, to apologize, but Ian put his hand over my mouth. "You don't have to say anything." He removed his hand. "It's fine."

It was almost 4 in the morning before we finally stopped kissing, and fell asleep. Even though I only clocked a few hours of sleep, I felt energized in the morning. Something about the night had recharged me more than a full night of sleep could have.

Ian pulled his clothes on and crawled across the bed to give me a kiss goodbye. "If you're ever in LA," he said. "I expect to hear from you."

"Ditto for New York," I said.

I waited until I heard the door close and Ian's footsteps recede in the stairwell, and then I flung myself flat on my back in bed, giddy with the memories of the night.

That giddiness lasted until I got to work. I turned on my computer, replied to a few emails, and then went to find Kate to tell her all about my crazy night. She was at her desk, but she didn't turn around when I came up behind her and said good morning.

"Helloooo?" I said.

Kate stopped typing. She seemed to gather herself before she spun around in her chair. "Hi," she said coldly.

"Hi, yourself," I said. I folded my arms across my chest and gave her a quizzical look. "What's wrong?"

"Oh," Kate said. "You know, only that I thought I had this really good friend but turns out she's a lying bitch." Whoa. I don't think I've heard Kate curse...ever. The word bitch was like a physical assault coming from her, and I took a step back. And then I remembered. Kate had drinks with Richard last night. Apparently he'd decided this was one instance where ignorance wasn't bliss.


  1. Great post overall- though I really think J made a bad call by not sleeping with Ian. I'm not going to continue reading the blog if the disordered body image talk doesn't stop though. It's been brought to your attention before. It both sets a terrible example of what is normal, and is triggering for a good number of your readers.

    1. Don't read the blog then. You can't tell her how to write. Your comment is very disrespectful especially when you say '...it's been brought to your attention before....' as if it's mandatory for her to change her writing for you. . It's HER blog NOT YOURS. You don't like it start your own. Think the next time before you decide to comment.

    2. It's always great to state our opinions, but I kind of got the same vibe as desh in that your opinion seemed stated as if you were an authority rather than someone just presenting their thoughts. Most people have some things they aren't 100% satisfied with body wise so I think it makes sense that Josie's character would state that. There's plenty of times where she goes all "Ya-ya sisterhood" and stands her ground on loving herself and her imperfections, but stating that it sets "a terrible example" seems to be a bit over dramatic to me. No offense to Jess' great writing abilities, but Josie is a creation - not real and personally, I would be extremely sad for the reader that would use her as their end-all-be all role model. Good thing to remind about some people's triggers to try and be sensitive about, but not everyone can walk on egg shells all the time.

    3. What she said ^ *can I get a whoop whoop*

    4. I don't think it's rude at all to point out the caloric stuff. I am in recovery from anorexia nervosa and honestly it doesn't help to read an uncalled for paragraph reminiscent of my disordered thoughts. It is quite triggering. I doubt it was anything but an unwitting aside. Of course her writing style is wonderful, down to earth and relatable. No one has contested that. However the panini bit wan unnecessary, and it wasn't funny.

    5. I don't know a single woman who doesn't ponder the calorie count of the food she puts in her mouth. Whether it be because she is unhappy with her body image or is pleased with it and simply chooses to watch what she eats to stay happy with her figure. It is extremely disappointing to me that you seem to think because Josie watches what she eats and works out that it is a body image issue.

      Now that being said: this writer is not paid to write this blog that we all enjoy so much. She doesn't have to make a quota for followers and I am sure many would agree with me that maybe you should stop reading this blog if you are un satisfied with it. She doesn't need a bunch of negativity pointed in her direction because she chooses to write everyday life situations.

    6. It's not negativity. It's not criticism. I love her writing, I love her story, and I appreciate that she does this without receiving reimbursement. I was pointing out that it can be triggering for some people and suggesting that she keep a mind of that. I wasn't being mean, nor was I being rude.

  2. Uh oh. Talk about a sinking feeling in your stomach.

    Awesome night, though. It would have been hard to say no to him.

  3. Everyone experiments in college but at 25 with a growing career Josie shouldn't me engaging in drugs. At least with the brownies, she didn't know. I'm glad she didn't have sex with Ian. In regard to Kate, I feel that Josie should have told her not only about what happened that night after the reality show premiere but also the Hamptons. This is someone you consider your good friend and you know that she likes Richard. Even though Josie might not have done anything wrong she should've told Kate. hope we find out about Elizabeth soon.

    1. Eh. I know a lot of people who smoke weed and they are late twenties early thirties. Not really that big of a deal to me!

    2. I know people as well who do as but in my field if you get caught using drugs, your career is screwed. I wouldn't want that for Josie as she is working so hard to establish herself and climb the corporate ladder.. I enjoy reading about Josie's crazy adventures but I'm just the type of person who thinks about consequences...lol.

    3. I really don't think Josie's trying to climb the corporate ladder. She's a writer, and choosing to take a tiny puff of marijuana once isn't going to discredit her in that particular field.

    4. I agree with Melissa. One puff can discredit her. No company wants a person who does drugs. What if HR decided to do random drug test. That one puff will stay in her system for month and show up. If she isn't climbing the corporate ladderf, what's she doing? Yea she is a writer but some of you need to think realistically

    5. The pot stayin in your system for a month isnt really true. It's like a just to be sure for heavy smokers tryin to get a job. but there are so many things u have to factor in. for someone who doesnt smoke reg and is thin it could be out of her system in a few days to a week tops.
      Renee Marie

  4. Now what purpose does it serve for Richard to tell Kate anything? He's just looking to stir up trouble. And she so badly wants a boyfriend, that she's going to side with him and not even hear Josie out. Oy vey! mum

    1. I agree with you 100%. Richard had no place running and telling Kate anything. If he felt that she needed to know he should have discussed that with Josie beforehand and they could have made a calculated decision as to how to go about it. I think he's just being messy because the last time I checked he had a date in the last post. So what purpose was there to tell Kate other than to be a complete tool? I think Richard is a piece of work and he needs to do some serious soul-searching and stop pushing all of his problems and insecurities on others. *hops off soap box* LOL!

    2. What if in a turn for the crazy Richard told Kate because he has been giving it a lot of thought and he wants to finally try to have a relationship with someone. And he thinks he wants to try with Kate???

  5. Great post!! Thanks Jessica for continuing to do this on your own time, it really brightens my Tuesdays and Thursdays!

  6. Now I'm Bored !!!!! If i Put all Josie's Post in one Book It wouldn't make any sense what until now she has done ...

  7. Kate is a bit overdramatic. Yes, Josie probably should have told her, but on the other hand, it wasn't really that big of a deal. They just made out. I would get so exhausted being Kate's friend because it seems like she's either really over the top about things or down in the dumps and self-depricating. Josie should explain her side of the story and if Kate wants to be immature about it then let her and move on.

  8. I'm gonna be honest I never really liked Kate so I am ok with this happening. LOL

  9. I find it funny how so many comments are always about Josie "not being grown-up enough", Josie being "this" and "that"... Honestly, do you really want to read a story about a woman who is all down to earth, has figured out the world and everything works out according to plan ? Geez, there is nothing more boring than that ! Let Josie "live" and experience stories that trigger reactions in the reader (other than "can´t she grow up and be mature for once ?!")

    Keep up the good work Jessica, there are people out there that love your writing (including me).


    1. YES YES YES ! It makes it much more interesting !

  10. Once again, I'm glad to read about josie doing something different. I'm not even mad that she didn't have sex with Ian. Yes this is a sex blog, buuuut she doesn't have to sleep with EVERY guy that comes along. Ian is a character that can easily come back into the story line anyway so who knows. And I really like the commitment josie has to her job, good for her. I also like some things she said at the beginning of the post about still having fun, just don't get attached. And clearly that doesn't mean being a h*e because she didn't sleep with Ian. She's just enjoying life. When she's ready for more, josie seems like the type of girl who will make it happen. As for kate, I KNEW she would find out! Can't wait to find out what happens next! Grrrr for tuesday being so far away, lol.

  11. Hey Jess, congrats on the new position at Self! First time commenting since wayyyy in the beginning! It's always such a pain commenting from my phone which is usually where I'm reading your awesome posts and the peanut gallery commentary. Sorry I didn't chime in early about being a fan; there were some particularly annoying, overcritical comments I wanted to question. Personally, I love the way you write Josie and her at times questionable choices. They definitely seem like the more natural choices of my own friends. I know there's plenty of reactions of mine I'm later realizing are mistakes, but it always makes a more interesting story over girls' night cocktails.

  12. By the way, LOVE the Almost Famous reference! And Josie's restraint with Ian... can't wait for his next NYC visit! ;)

    Oh and Richard's share with Kate seemed necessary. He had to explain to Kate eventually why he wasn't trying to go for her latest "it's cool, let's just hook up with no strings attached" self denial act. Hoping that she won't stay mad too long once she eventually lets Josie explain everything.

  13. What if Josie is completely wrong and Kate is speaking of another friend that is a lying bitch? It's possible, Jessica is such a good writer that things never play out as they do in our predictable heads.

    1. oooooooo.... I hadn't even thought about that! Josie feels so guilty about not telling Kate and letting the Richard/make out session happen (although IMO I don't think she should) that she automatically assumes the worst. I guess we'll see on Tuesday.

  14. Richard would do something like that. And yes people are being way too over critical with this bog. HELLO it's for entertainment! This would've be very boring if josie woke up early went to the gym, went to work went home and atye sensible meals in between. Talk about snoozeville. Keep up the good work.

    1. Oops *blog* and *ate*...... Damn swipe texting.

  15. i liked this post, despite my disappointment in josie for not sleepy with Ian. hopefully another opportunity for that will come. i cant wait for josie to catch up with richard again! i still have the idea that they will be an amazing couple, and i'm excited to confront the brewing drama.. lastly, i hope kate was just over reacting because the stuff that happened between josie and richard isnt even that serious. part of me suspects that the story richard told kate was a little construed to work in his favor, or maybe kate is just hurt because she has mentioned that her friends always end up getting the guy she wants. i love this blog a lot! its definitely the one of the highlights of my day. good work jess! i cant wait for the next new character!

  16. I can see why Kate is upset. Josie really hasn't been much a friend to her. Which is fine, I find Kate annoying and I can why Josie would too. But Josie shouldn't pretend to have Kate's back if she doesn't.

  17. Kate needs to get over it.... seriously.. she threw herself onto Richard !!! He wasn't looking for anything serious. Yes she has a thing for him but she shouldn't of slept with him if she wasn't sure it was going to form anything between them... What she doesn't know is Richard pratcially threw himself onto Josie !! Not the other way round. Kate doesn't own Richard. And she should understand that they way she goes on about him it made it difficult for Josie to tell her about it. Josie should of told her.. but i think she would react in the same way !

    As for IAN.. oh my gooossh. Loved it !! I'm actually in love with his character.. i want him to be in more posts... so PLEASE Jessica.. somehow bring him back.. and soon !

    I love your blog.. i can't wait till you post of Tuesday and Thursday ! Keep doing what your doing and thank you for a great story.

  18. I love this post!

    Ian is my new favourite love interest - please let him come back further down the line!

  19. I absolutely love Ian!!! Can we please get more of him!!!!!

  20. "After an hour or so, the crowd started to peter out..."

    Even though Josie and Ian didn't run into Peter during their date (thank god!), I still thought that was an intriguing word choice given recent events.

    Really liking Ian! It's really sweet that he started out as soft-spoken and nerdy in high school, but then grows up to be this really confident and cool guy. It's amazing how much some people change after high school. Hope to see more of him in future posts!

  21. Omg love IAN and love the post. But so much for this loveSEXpizza blog

  22. Love Love Love todays post! I'm so happy Josie has met a new guy can't wait to see what happens next! Maybe a LA visit?
    I am a SAH mom from a tiny village and I love reading about Josies adventures and I live vicariously through her! Keep up the great work!

  23. Loved it cant wait to read more about Ian. Seriously Kate needs to get a life and so does Richard. Josie shouldn't have to cater to their foolishness. Point. Blank. Loved the post!!

  24. Ok I'm over Peter now and want Ian.

  25. VERY interesting proposal of a strange turn of events Anonymous at 4:50 PM on 10/10 threw out: maybe Richard has decided he wants to "turn over a new leaf" and get involved seriously with someone sincere (albeit inexperienced) like Kate. He could have concluded that total honesty with her would be the only viable road to take. Naturally, (if that's the case), he should have discussed this with Josie first; she deserved a heads-up. Conversely, the opposite reason for Richard telling Kate would also be the most predictable: he had a few drinkie-poos under his belt and unwisely opened his big mouth for petty reasons ( hurt and resentment of Josie's rejection). Either way, telling Kate should have been a mutually agreed-upon and planned endeavor between Richard and Josie. Now Kate's trust and respect for Josie has been completely shot to hell. Also, while society in general needs to be more aware and proactive about dealing with eating disorders, it's an indisputable fact that almost EVERY female (and many males) the great majority of us are exposed to - including ourselves - deals with weight control issues and making healthy choices for a variety of reasons; appearance usually tops the list of this reality. The author is just being realistic with her choice of character habits/traits (that's a positive, folks). Plus, instructing the author about her plot/character trait choices in such a dictatorial, heavy-handed manner is laughable, at best - not to mention futile. Hiding from regrettable (but ever-present) realities doesn't change the facts.

    1. Hey remember from the K blog:) I hate Richard so I am biased:)

  26. Oh, you belive in ignorance is bliss?

    Please, explain your reasoning to the girl who was a better fried than Richard could ever be.

  27. Seriously though, how high were you when you wrote this?

  28. It's not negativity. It's not criticism. I love her writing, I love her story, and I appreciate that she does this without receiving reimbursement. I was pointing out that it can be triggering for some people and suggesting that she keep a mind of that. I wasn't being mean, nor was I being rude.

  29. not going back to this blog anymore

  30. I continue to read and love your posts. You are so talented and coming back to this blog is such a delight. Please keep up the good work! You are so great.

  31. Love this blog! It makes my Tuesdays and Thursdays much better! and please bring Ian back.

  32. Ugh! DO NOT LIKE Kate...she's too immature and histrionic...however, she does make for some interesting plot development; especially since she's Josie's co-worker.
    I like that Josie is moving on with her life and not pining over Peter. It's totally realistic that they're in different places in their lives and didn't work out even though they have strong feelings for each other. Also, not a big deal about Josie indulging in a little weed. Then again, I live in Washington state where it's legal. And not every company does random drug testing.
    Keep the drama coming, please, Jessica! Really liking the blog so far!

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