December 5, 2013

Things I'm Grateful for, Part II

I never sleep better than when I'm home, and I woke up fresh as an actress in a Folgers commercial. With a happy yawn, I rolled over and grabbed my phone. I kind of hoped it would be there, but my toes still curled when I read the text from Ian, 'Can't stop thinking about last night'. I texted him back that I couldn't either, then pulled up Facebook. As I scrolled through my newsfeed, I came across an update from Richard that made me sit straight up in bed. 

Friends, I was mugged walking home last night. I wish I could say I used my ninja skills to take that bastard down, but instead I readily gave up all the worldly possessions while crying like a little girl. I currently have no wallet, no identification, and no phone. Kindly send me your contact information and if anyone needs to get in touch with me, email is the best way.

I started to call him, then realized, duh, I couldn't. I sent him a frantic email asking if he was okay and he responded back within minutes. He told me the only thing bruised was his ego. To add insult to injury, he was basically trapped in New York for the next few days until his new credit cards arrived and he was able to get a new ID from the DMV. 'I was supposed to go to Florida with Sam for Thanksgiving,' he wrote. 'But I can't even get on a plane now.'

'Are you going out to Long Island then?'

A few minutes later, this, 'Come on, you know how I feel about my parents. I've got enough mac and cheese in my apartment to feed an army, I'll be okay.'

'You're coming to New Jersey,' I wrote. 'Meet Nina and Ashley at Penn and they'll get your ticket. If you say no I will murder your dog.'

'I don't have a dog you psycho.'

'So that's a yes?'

'That's a yes.'

What did people do before texting?

I went downstairs and found my Mom slicing potatoes for her famous potato gratin. "Hey, Nance," I said. My Mom's name is Nancy and I started calling her Nance when I was in middle school, as a joke, but it's kind of stuck. "Add one more more seat to the dinner table." I told her about Richard.

"The poor guy," she gasped. "He must be so shaken up. You always carry that pepper spray that I got you, don't you?"

"Except when it doesn't fit in my cute going out clutch."

She caught my chin in her hand and squeezed, playfully. "Don't be smart with me."

I grinned. "Okay, I'll be dumb." It was an exchange we'd been having since I was little.

"You weren't very clever last night." She went back to the potatoes. "Was that Ian Whitmore I saw creeping down our driveway?"

I poured myself a steaming cup of coffee. "It absolutely was not."

"Uh-huh." She gathered the potato slices and dumped them in a casserole dish. "Well, for what it's worth, I always liked that boy."

"I still like that boy," I said.

"I thought you were taking some time off from relationships," she said.

"I am." I took a sip of my coffee. "He lives in LA. So nothing can seriously happen right now. But we just, you know, hang out when we are on the same coast. "

"So it's casual?"

I shrugged. "As casual as it can be when you've known the person for over ten years."

"Well," she dumped a carton of cream on the potatoes and began to toss them together, "you met him over ten years ago. But you haven't known him for that long."

I rolled my eyes. "Semantics."

"Can you grab the cheese out of the fridge?" She wiggled her fingers, covered in goo.

I spent the rest of my morning cooking and gossiping with her. Sometimes I wish Nance would just move into my apartment and be my roommate. Totally normal for an almost twenty-six year old to want live with her Mama, right?

I stayed in my pajamas all day, only changing into real clothes when it was time to pick up my band of merry pirates from the train station. I will know I've made it when my wardrobe consists of nothing but pants with elastic waistbands, because it will mean I'm so wealthy that I have no responsibilities other than to relax.

"Well, isn't this cozy!" Ashley gushed once we all piled in.

"Ash, seriously, who is your therapist?" Nina asked. "And did she replace you with a Stepford robot?"

"It's not her therapist," I said. "She's getting laid by yoga guy."

"Ohhhh," Richard taunted. "Who's yoga guy? Is he all bendy in bed?"

"I hate you all," Ashley said.

Nina patted Ashley on the shoulder with great fondness. "There's the Ashley I know."

When we got back to the house, we tried to help my Mom clean, but she insisted we get out of her hair and go out for a drink. "Isn't this like a big party night?" She shimmied her hips. She'd had two glasses of wine and Richard told her she could have been my sister, and now she was all giddy. "Don't you want to go out and dance?"

"We really should," Richard said. "Your daughter has some amazing moves, Mrs. Mitchell."

My Mom beamed. "Isn't that sweet."

I sprayed some Pine-Sol on the dining room table and started wiping it down. "He's making fun of me, Mom," I said.

She took the rag out of my hand. "Stop. I've got this. Go enjoy yourselves."

The four of us changed our clothes and then brushed our teeth shoulder to shoulder in the bathroom like quadruplets. We pulled on our coats, said goodbye to my parents, and piled into the car to head to The Office, the bar where everyone from high school meets the night before Thanksgiving.

On our way there, I told everyone about my night with Ian. I knew there was a chance we'd run into him, and I didn't want anyone to give him any crap for what had happened in LA.

"Ew, I cannot believe you hooked up with him again," Ashley said.

"He's not a bad guy, Ash." I met her eyes in the rear view mirror. "He did something shitty but who hasn't? It shouldn't define him for life."

Richard raised his hand. "I second that."

Nina laughed. "That's convenient given your history."

Richard turned around in the front seat so he was facing Nina. "Well there goes the tequila shot I was going to buy for you."

"You don't even have a wallet," Nina said.

"So what's your deal with him?" Ashley pushed. "Are you going to try long distance?"

"Hell, no," I said. "But I do like having sex with someone that I have, like, a connection with. It's so much hotter than when it's with a rando." I flicked my blinker and pulled into the parking lot. "It"

"Safe and hot," Ashley said. "My brain does not compute."

"Because she knows how he feels about her," Richard said. "With a random person you're dating or hooking up with, they can turn on you like that." He snapped his fingers. "Just up and show themselves for the asshole they really are and make you feel like total shit. You can't trust someone you've just met the way you can someone you have a past with. But at the same time, the person is still kind of a dark stranger, because he or she has been out of your life for so long." He sighed, pleased with his analysis. "It really is the perfect storm."

I maneuvered the car into a parking spot. "Boom. That is exactly it."

There was actually a line to get in to the bar, and a beefy bouncer at the door, which is laughable because it's New Jersey. Though I very much enjoyed watching Richard sweet talk the bouncer into letting him into the bar without an ID. "I'm almost thirty years old," he wailed. "Seriously, quiz me on all my 90s trivia. Boy Meets World. Saved by the Bell. 90210. 'Donna Martin graduates'! Only a 90s tween could know this stuff!"

The bouncer didn't so much as crack a smile but I think he would have done anything to get Richard to stop talking, so he stamped his hand and waved him through the door. We worked our way to the front of the bar and ordered beers and bad tequila shots. I took mine back and was focusing on a point on the wall on the other side of the bar, trying not to barf, when I saw something that made the entire room blur.

It was Ian and Erika Felding. The girl he'd called a dead fish in his yearbook. And they were all over each other. 

"Nina." I reached out and grabbed Nina's hand. I nodded across the room. Nina had never seen Ian before, but she took one look at the expression on my face and she just knew.

"Fucking asshole," she seethed.

"Who?" Richard shouted, and Nina nodded to Ian and Erika.

"Is that Ian?" Richard asked.

"Obviously," Nina said. "Why else would she be this upset?" It was as if I was hearing their voices from far away. Then farther still, as I broke away from the group, all three of them shouting after me as I pushed my way through the crowd until I was inches away from Ian.

I touched his shoulder and waited patiently for him to stop kissing Erika. When he saw it was me, his face twisted with panic."Hey," I said, coldly.

Ian wiped the spit off his mouth before he spoke. "Um, Josie. Hi."

"Hey, Josie," Erika said.

I gave her a polite smile. Held onto it as I asked Ian if I could talk to him in private.

Ian looked like he wanted to do anything but talk to me in private, but I think he was worried I was going to create a scene, so he followed me into a secluded corner.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I said.

"What?" Ian turned his palms up. "We're just kissing. It's not like I'm cheating on you."

"It's not like you're cheating on me," I laughed, bitterly. "That's it. That's all you have to say for yourself. After all the bullshit you fed me last night about how it was"—I made my voice saccharine sweet—'even better than you imagined it to be'."

"Josie," Ian said, gently, like he was about to break some really bad news to me. "You're not my girlfriend."

He put his hand on my shoulder, and I stared at it with so much venom he quickly removed it. "You're right," I said. "But of all the people you could have hooked up with next, it's the girl you called a dead fish. It's like, what are you trying to prove?"

Ian rocked back on his heels and sighed, irritably. "I'm not trying to prove anything, okay? I'm just trying to get laid."

"Well," I said, "far be it from me to get in your way."

I turned on my heel, ignoring Ian calling after me.

I found my friends. "Someone please get me another tequila shot," I said.

They all glanced at each other, unsure. Finally, Richard leaned forward on the bar and ordered another round of shots. I knocked mine back, then another, telling myself the tears that sprang to my eyes were for how much that cheap tequila burned, not because I gave one flying fuck about Ian.

The shots kept coming. Things I am grateful for: Friends who understand that sometimes, alcohol is the answer.

I was sloppy-drunk by the time I got home. I remember Nina and Ashley helping me into bed, and the next thing I knew I was blinking awake, the clock on my nightstand reading 3AM. My throat felt like sandpaper.

I kicked off the covers and crawled over Nina, who was sound asleep by my side. I assumed Ashley and Richard had set themselves up in the other two guest rooms.

The entire house was warm and still as I descended the stairs and crept into the kitchen. I chugged a glass of water, then another. I was out of breath by the time I finished.

I almost dropped my glass when I heard a soft, "Hey" behind me.  

"Richard," I gasped. I leaned against the refrigerator door and inhaled, sharply. "You scared the shit out of me."

"Sorry," he whispered. "I couldn't sleep. I was watching TV down here."

I nodded and didn't say anything.

"You okay?" he asked.

I traced my toe on the floor. "No."

The refrigerator hummed to life, emitting an icy blast. I shut the door. "I look like a real idiot, don't I?"

Richard shook his head. "You don't."

"It's so much scarier when the assholes are nice. Because then it's like, how can you trust anyone?" I started to cry. A really ugly, embarrassing cry.

Richard slipped towards me, his bare feet making a sweeping noise against the hardwood floors my Dad had polished just that morning. He wrapped his arms around me and said, "You can trust me." I felt his mouth hot and close on my scalp. "Always. I mean it."

I pulled my face away from his chest. "I snotted on your t-shirt."

Richard glanced down. "I guess it's preferable to vomit."

I went to wipe away the stain at the same time Richard did and our hands touched. One of us probably should have pulled away, but neither of us did, we just held on tighter. I rose up on my tip toes, slightly, and Richard's face came closer to mine. 

At the sound of the foot steps on the stairs Richard and I jumped away from each other like our fusion had produced an electric shock. Nance appeared at the mouth of the kitchen.

"Oh my God," she gasped. "I thought you were burglars!"

"Well then why would you come down here without anything to defend yourself?" I hissed.

"Because the Glock is in the basement," she deadpanned. 

"I was just getting water," I said, defensively, as though someone had accused me of something. "I'm going back to bed." I looked at Richard as I passed him on my way to the stairs. Even in the dim light, I could see he was white as a ghost. I didn't have to look in a mirror to know that I was too.  


  1. Omg. LOVED this post! Waiting for Tuesday is going to be torture! I've been pro Richard for awhile, and when I read he was coming for Thanksgiving I was hoping something would happen! As for Ian -- ew. Just ew.

    1. Ian is definitely ew. and Richard is divine!

  2. So disappointed in Ian. This isn't freaking high school. I guess I forget that they are in their early 20's. Hooking up with a different person every night has never been my MO. As for Richard, I think he TRULY cares about Josie. mum

  3. Awesome post. Poor Josie, Ian is such trash.

  4. I knew Ian was a creep, anyone that concocted a revenge plan years after high school is crazy. And Richard is a creep too. A creep that is supposed to be with the love of his life.

  5. I've always had a feeling Ian was shady and Josie was too quick to buy his story but deep down hoped he would prove the cynical side of me wrong. Ian is a jerk and Josie doesn't need that. In the past I was on the fence about Richard but he and Josie have a nice connection. They're friends that care about each other and there an obvious is physical attraction there as well. However, with that said Josie knows how it feels to be "cheated" on and I would hope that nothing happens between the two of them while he has a girlfriend. Josie is better than that. I can't wait to read what happens next.

    1. I agree. Richard isn't a stand up man. He has a girlfriend he loves, was going to spend Thanksgiving with her family but is making a move on Josie in her vulnerable state? What am I missing here? It doesn't add up. What's up with his family and doesn't he want to spend holidays with them?

    2. They do have a connection but the problem is Richard's actions. They always seem kinda...jerky.

      1. He says I am not interested in relationships at all.
      2. Then he sleeps with Kate.
      3. Then he acts like a jerk about it.
      4. They he almost kisses Josie
      5. Then he calls her a tease.
      6. Then he hooks up with kate in front of Josie even know he knows Kate is unbalanced.
      7. Then he acts like a jerk because Josie gets back together with Peter
      8. Then he supposedly meets the love of his life
      9. Then he tells Josie that she too could be happy in a realtionship like him
      10. then he almost kissed her

      Richard has issues. He has no idea what he wants. Josie should take that break that she never got to take and revisit the Richard thing when he grows up.

    3. Richard has made mistakes but so has Josie. I don't want to bash Josie nor come across as I am (Josie is a different person now) but would like to revisit the past. Josie confesses her relationship drama to Richard, invites him up to her apartment (he thinks it's for more than coffee) only to find Justin and say that Richard was gay which he wasn't. He clearly didn't think that Josie was inviting him up to talk. Yes sleeping with Kate was a shitty thing to do. Many man say they aren't looking for a relationship til the find that woman that sweeps them off their feet. Josie and Richard make out/canoodle whatever at the premiere party and then she pushes him away for Peter. A girl has the right to change her mind but he probably felt hurt. Can't blame Richard for finding someone and getting into a relationship. I think he was teasing Josie with the relationship quip, they have that type of friendship. I think the last point was mutual where it almost just happened. He didn't ask Josie to come over for Thanksgiving or reach out to her, other way around. He was trying to be a good friend and help her through her issues. This is a FICTIONAL blog and people make mistakes and can change.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Yes they both have made mistakes but my dad told me a long time ago to always judge men not by what they say but by their actions and that advice has always served me well. Richard's actions are not good. I just don't want Josie to make the mistake of romanticizing bad behavior. Granted, I don't know what Richard feels because this blog is not told from his perspective. But whatever his feelings, his actions have not represented them well. That doesn't mean some point in the future he won't pull it together, but now he is a better friend/acquaintance. Because, really he is a friend to her when it suits his interest.

      *Yes, I know the blog is fictional, I am the type of person that has strong feelings about fictional characters. I am totally not going to apologize for this:)

  6. Such a sweet post! Love that all her friends came for Thanksgiving! Nothing like a little black out Wednesday drama to add to the mix!

  7. Reminds me of my friends and me in our 20's...shti ALWAYS full of drama and got messy! "Friends with benefits" NEVER works out. LOVE this post...

  8. Ugh, Ian. Technically he didn't do anything wrong since he and Josie were exclusive, but I'm not going by that. What kind of skeeze sleeps with you one night and raves about your connection, then the next night hooks up with another girl at a bar you're likely to be at and gets defensive when you express your disappointment? I hope Josie cuts him off for good now. He's twice now proven that he's shady.

    I've recently started liking the idea of Josie/Richard but I hope nothing happens between them until Richard breaks up with his girlfriend - I've seen many relationships started through cheating, and none of them have worked out. I hope Josie waits to make a move until he breaks up with his girlfriend (if Josie/Richard is the upcoming storyline).

    Great entry! I loved seeing the group together. Can't wait for Tuesday!

  9. On one hand I can see why Josie is upset. We've been there before where we try to keep it just sex or fun and feelings develop. And as much as we try to deny them they eventually come out. On the other she said herself she's not looking for a relationship. So really Ian is right when he said she is not his gf. But it was a total douche move on his part and he needs to grow up. I hope Josie doesn't accept his apology this time.
    As for Richard. .... what are you thinking? He is one person whom you need to keep it platonic. You crossed that line once... remember what happened that time? Please do not "rebound" with him! While I don't like how things ended am I the only one who is team Peter still? I'm so hoping for a Carrie and Mr. Big kind of ending with the two of them.
    Josie please think this through before make another rash decision. Richard is in a relationship and has gone thermal nuclear on you when you denied him in the past. ...Ian is still that immature guy from high school who is trying to prove something to himself now. Really you could do much better than these two!!

    1. You are definitely not the only one. I am still totally team Peter!! I loved him and I still do! I really hope he somehow comes back. I really really want him and Josie together in the end. I like Richard, but not as much as Peter. But if something does happen between Josie and Richard, I really hope she thinks it through. She's been on the receiving end before with Eric when he cheated, and I would hate for Josie to be a part of that when Richard is still with his girlfriend.

    2. Yes! A Carrie and Mr. Big ending. That's exactly what I want for her and Peter.

    3. Team Peter!!!!

    4. PETER!!!! I love him!! I really want Josie to end up with Peter!!

    5. I am all about Peter! There is nothing wrong with Peter. Josie just needs to grow up a little in order to make it work with him. She needs to start using better judgment with men. Yes, being young you can have a lot of fun, but the older you get, that fun doesn't look so fun in hind sight and regrets can be an awful thing. I know this is fictional, but from all the posts, I see people identifying with Josie a lot.

    6. I'm the one who wrote that comment FYI. I am in no rush for Peter and Josie to reunite. It took a while for Carrie and Mr. Big to get to their happily ever after. So it would be nice for Josie to see that Peter is her soul mate and that she can have it all with him.

  10. Best post ever absolutely loved it!!!!!

    1. Read it over and over! Loved it too:))) yah Richard & Josie

  11. I knew Ian would end up being a douche! And silly Jose had to fall for him. C ' Mon Jose don't go from one douche TO ANOTHER!!! If your so vulnerable give Peter a call ;) lol

  12. LOL!! See ladies, this is why you never hook up with someone who cannot let go of high school! Those that think that high school was the best time of their lives and those who continually want to relive it and make themselves the hero! If only she would have said the cold fish line in front of that girl! Not sure yet on the Richard deal. If they are going to be together I would rather them start fresh without him cheating on his current girlfriend.

  13. One of your best!!! Loved this post! My eyes were about to pop out of my head!

  14. Totally agree I MISS Peter!!!! Josie needs to keep things platonic with Richard and kick Ian to the curb. I hope she either finds herself back with Peter OR waits for a normal mature man to make an entrance :) can't wait until Tues!

  15. Ian is such a creeper. I knew that kid wasn't up to any good. And I know it wouldn't have been classy of Josie to do, but I really she had said the whole dead fish thing in front of the girl so she would have known what a loser Ian is too. But whatever, as long as Josie knows it!

    I'm so ready for Peter to come back after this. He was more of a gentleman than any of these other guys will ever be. Loved him, I'm still team Peter and always will be! But if Josie wants to give something with Richard a chance, she really needs to wait until he is single to do so. Josie's come a long way and I really don't want to see her in a situation where Richard cheats on his girlfriend with her. Especially since Josie's experienced being the one that's cheated on before.

    1. I agree that Peter is the best she dated but she can do better. He needs some growing up mentally as well. On paper, he is perfect but there is something missing.

  16. Ian is the stereotypical jerk guy. He makes the girl seem like she is out of control and crazy for thinking he wanted something more. NEXT! And I don't think Richard is a good choice. I definitely have a Richard best friend in my life and sometimes it is just good to say friends.

  17. Ian is a douchepickle. First off he said he was just trying to get, he just got some the night before and if that was the case he couldn't have just tried hooking up with Josie, with whom he was with the night before??? Richard Richard Richard...I think they both have a connection but he has a girl....don't do it..either of you! I know its hard when you both "might" have feelings....I would like to say I am team peter but Josie is still young...he seems kind of settled. She still has some room for mistakes to make her the person she is going to be. I so enjoy reading these posts I have been there, done that. Ew, Ian....douchepickle!

    1. Josie had pretty much told him she wouldn't be able to see him the rest of his visit because of her friends coming. Not making excuses for Ian. Just saying..... he knew she wouldn't be available.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I would love for this to work out with Richard, when he's single of course!

  20. Ian is pathetic. Even if he is single and free to do what he wants it says a lot that he's making out with yet another girl he insulted. And I don't know how I feel about Richard. Loved the post!

  21. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not bring Peter back!!!

    Mr Big was a loser & Peter is too. If they had been meant for each other, it would have already worked! People don't actually play that Mr Big game in real life!I don't think I could handle his return again. Josie doesn't want his lifestyle, it would only hurt her & make him bitter over having to postpone his life more.

    Oh my god, though, part of me wanted Ian to work so bad & now I just want Josie to hit him with a car. Lol he's such a douche...

    As for Richard, if she could handle potentially losing his friendship if it didn't work out, my vote is for giving Richard a chance. He is so similar & fits well into her life. Her relationships & friendships are always so separate, but they wouldn't have to be with him.

  22. BRING PETER BACK!!! hes so much respectful and the sex between them is AWSOME <3

  23. My only dislike with all the blogs I read is that none of the ladies ever have balls. why would she pull him to the side to talk to him. She was embarrassed by him using her for a one night stand and playing her with the lines about the yrbook. She should have said everything she did say in front of the other girl. Why give him the opportunity to get other sexin. I always felt that Richard was trying to pull an Ian. So I still dont trust him

    Renee Marie

    1. I disagree. I think it took a lot of gusto for Josie to confront Ian at all. Most women, sure as hell not me, would have just let the situation ride and not say anything at all. I believe that whatever Josie had to say to Ian was none of the other woman's business, therefore it was the right way to go by pulling aside. Also, it says a lot about Josie retaining her class (albeit despite her getting drunk afterwards, lol).

  24. As I said on Tuesday, I am ambivalent towards Ian. I think that Josie knew there was potential for him to turn out to be the womanizer she suspected him to be and now she has proof. Sometimes a girl just has to learn the hard way. That's what makes your twenties, and life in general, far more fun and rewarding.

    Now as for Richard, I do not think it is the best idea to start anything up with him. He's far too inconsistent for my liking; all any woman wants in consistency. He likes her one day and is calling her a tease the next. Ain't nobody got time for that! (In my Sweet Brown voice). Quite frankly, he's like a little man child who doesn't know what he wants and Josie is far too good a woman and person to deal with his nonsense.

    Peter could be good. But only if Josie feels like she has gotten this "I need to be alone" thing out of her system. I do not believe she has. I can identify with Josie because that is my current situation at 24. I've been in consistent relationships since I was 15. It's time to chill out and have some fun. Dump the guys like Ian and keep it moving. After all, there's plenty of fish in the sea :)

  25. Well, there goes any potential chance of Ian as a good guy! I agree, they aren't in a relationship or exclusive or really even officially "FWB" considering the rocky road the few times they've hooked up has been. But he's such a schmooze to Josie, goes way over the top about how amazing it was and how he really cares, and then does something like this? Why not text Josie to see if she'd be at the bar- if she would be, he could go for round 2. If not, he can pursue another hook up without hurting her feelings. Also, sorry, trying to get laid? Once every 24 hours isn't good enough? I wonder if he has a problem with sex addiction that may have developed out of his insecurity and sudden transition into a desirable man. But finally, the grossest part of it all is that the hook up was with a girl he insulted so harshly. She'd be devastated to know she was hooking up with him again after he wrote that. What an ass- get your revenge sex, write in your creepy petty journal, and move the fuck on. Or just be an adult and don't do any of that and have sex for the right reasons -_- ugh. I hope he disappears, cause frankly I can see any conversation with him about why that was rude and disrespectful on multiple levels to all parties, becoming very condescending towards Josie and attempting to manipulate her into doing something wrong. Ugh. Can you tell he got under my skin? :P
    Oh Richard. I feel like we've all had that one close guy friend that we always ended up kissing or touching or doing something with and having it turn into DRAMADRAMADRAMA before settling back into friendship- and repeat. The viscous circle of figuring out chemistry versus logical thinking. Difference is, most people grow out of this phase throughout their teens (maybe early twenties). At least, they've been burned enough times by then to have enough empathy to not engage in this behaviour while either party is vulnerable or involved. It sucks because I think Richard is cool when he can just chill out, but something tells me this will eventually end in a huge messy hook up that ruins the friendship. God I love this blog!

  26. I am deeply disappointed how the Ian storyline played out. I wouldn't have pegged him to be so thoroughly heartless and cruel. His character in the earlier posts was likeable. Hopefully, that's the last we see of him. As for Richard--to hit on Josie when he A) has a girlfriend and B) she is at such a low ebb is really rotten. Josie really needs to be man free (IMHO) for a while.

  27. Loved this post! Ahhh so much going on it was crazy!! So good! But this post made me realize how much I really loved Peter for Josie. Someone earlier said he was a gentleman and I completely agree. Yes, he has had his not so gentleman moments, but what guy hasn't? Compared to all the other guys Josie has been with, I think Peter really has been the best relationship she has had. I really do hope he comes back, and hopefully they will both have much better timing than the past two times. If she needs to get Richard out of the way first, then fine. I don't mind him, but I don't think him and Josie would be great together. He's maturing but he still has a long long way to go. And although Josie isn't the most mature person either, I still think she is miles ahead of Richard.

  28. I think Josie's mom nailed it right on the head: she MET Ian 10 years ago, but she hasn't KNOWN him for that long. That's a very significant point to realize. The whole aspect of having sex with a person, but not being in a committed relationship just opens up a big old can of worms. Josie keeps emphasizing on the issue of wanting to find out who she is as a person and not be tied down, but yet she's using sex as way to connect with someone. I'm not judging her for having sex, but how does she not see a pattern? Using a physical activity (sex) to fulfill an emotional emptiness will never make a person happy. I think she should just focus on her career and stop with the hook-ups. In the long run they are going to mess with her psyche and state-of-mind and she'll be distracted at work. That's what she said to Peter when she didn't want to commit to him. Maybe she should do that now. Now don't get me wrong. Ian was a jerk, but he has a point. They're not in a relationship. Hooking up doesn't always mean the same thing for everybody.

    Richard is wishy-washy and his actions are questionable. If Josie decides she wants to be with Richard, will she tell him to break up with his GF like she told Peter? What are they looking for? Relationship, casually dating or FWB? So many questions, but not a lot of talking.

  29. This blog is honestly amazing. I wait for the posts to go back, and check back during the week hoping that you'll surprise us with an extra post! Now, to the post! I actually really liked Ian. He made a mistake like any of us can and do. HOWEVER! That does not excuse his actions. If he's so into Josie like he says, and he wants to be with her, and feels this great and amazing connection, he would have never been able to hook up with someone else. And I think it makes it so much worse because I'm sure he knew Josie would be there! It was mentioned that it is the bar where everyone from high school meets up. It's almost as if he wanted her to catch him so he could make her feel like crap. As much as I don't like Ian now, I really do not like Richard. He has proven himself not to be trustworthy either. There is just something about him that makes me feel really weird and gross. He gives off a really weird vibe. Peter, Peter, Peter. Bring him back. Josie had an awesome relationship with him and I think that they could be forever! Keep up the great work!

    1. I dunno I like richard but i don't think they should jump into anything. i like that Josie is being single for awhile so maybe they don't have to get together right now. I Just think they have a nice connection and there's no reason to ignore that.

    2. Connection or not, Richard has a girlfriend and it is really deeply uncool of Richard to try and hook up with Josie. That is exactly what Ian was doing with that other girl, so in a sense, Richard is no better than Ian.

  30. Ian is a douche! And Richard is a jerk but I think he is exactly what Josie needs right now. I think he's always had a real thing for Josie even tho he didn't want to admit it at first.

  31. I have a feeling that Richard purposefully got "mugged" so he wouldn't have to spend thanksgiving with his gf. I don't think he really likes her and maybe he's starting to realize that it's because he loves josie

  32. Once a douche always a fucking douche... Why is it soooo hard for us girls to finally get that? :(
    I hope Richard secretly broke up with his gf cause I like him and Josie!
    Love love love this blog, what a happy week after the last blogless one!

  33. I wish we could get some Christmas surprise posts! But please don't bring Peter back!

  34. I am a big fan of this blog, but I was disappointed to see Josie drinking and driving. I know the account is fictional, but as a mother, I can't help but worry that my daughter will read this and wonder if it's okay. Just a thought.

    1. That's a fair point but I doubt she did. She drove there but nothing was mentioned about pregaming and I'm sure Nina, Ash or Richard drove home after they saw the Ian car accident in slow motion happening.

  35. Richard can't be trusted, he's claiming to have changed while in the middle of cheating on his girlfriend proving that he hasn't changed one bit.
    Ian was obviously creep central before this post (hello year book check off and insults, "will happen" etc.) I don't know why anyone is surprised.
    Peter can do better than Josie. She's an emotional mess and needs to work it out with someone more on her level.
    Justin didn't deserve Josie (but I don't think we have any team Justin anyway)
    I'm team Josie work on her issues so that a) she can get and keep a good guy like Peter or b) she can have a normal relationship and fast (preferably with someone on her level). She's clearly starving for a relationship and needs a healthy connection in order to give her some peace of mind and emotional calm. I know that's "weak" but it seems to to be the case. Alternatively, go completely solo but this craziness has got to stop. I'd like to see something new work out with one of the many guys she has meet or continues to meet.

  36. Liked the post! You keep us on our toes and guessing! Drama! A sense of family mixed in around the holidays!! I like the idea someone mentioned that Richard made up the whole escapade & he was thrilled to get an invite & secretly in love with Josie.
    I also agree that sex outside a relationship opens up a can of worms but luckily this isn't real life.

  37. Ian is horrible Im kinda bummed that Josie gave him a second chance. I would love to see her and Richard get together though!

  38. I've been in a relationship for a long time and don't get to behave like josie so she is like my single life porn. and I am addicted. I thought Ian and josie were good together ( until he pulled a fucktard move and held her hand and confessed the connection he felt just to get laid, if he wants to just have sex he should have told josie the night before that he would still try to sleep with other women) but I do like peter the best because if I am reading something ficticous it may as well be as hot as possible. by the way, I am from Canada so my thanksgiving happened before yours so I go no single life porn or turkey, but I can't get mad because I love this. please continue to fulfil my slight deprivement of the activities single ladies can participate in lol.

    1. I agree about the "single life porn". After last Tuesday's post (which was very happy and hopeful), the total change in tone and Ian's 180 turn on Josie just makes me very sad. I am not a fan of Richard, either. I would like to see her date someone who is not a self centered clod.

    2. Damn anon, no single life porn last week is one thing, but NO TURKEY? Brutal! LMAO. Just kidding. mum

  39. Please don't bring Peter back!!! He's already been divorced once, Josie would just be #2. Please be kind and write him a nice ending with some cute kids.

  40. I knew Ian was an ahole! Get mom said it right.. you MET him 10 years ago, you haven't KNOWN him for 10 years.

  41. SO SO good! I adore this blog. You're the best.

  42. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  43. The writing keeps getting better & better. So descriptive. I love it.

  44. WooOoOo! I have always liked Josie & Richard :)) And Ian.... just ew!!

  45. i loved this post like i do everything on this blog.
    out of curiosity, though -
    are the sex scenes becoming tamer or am i just getting too wrapped up in the story to notice the descriptive details anymore?
    i feel like the scenes with peter (the coat closet one, maybe?) were totally more "blow-by-blow".

    either way, just an observation no criticism.
    i love your writing - thanks for being so talented!


  46. I have been hooked on this blog for quite a while now, and I like the characters--especially Josie. She's fun and sassy. I have to say, though, that this post kind of jumped the shark for me. It seemed abrupt and hurried in the way it pushed the story forward. I admit, I don't feel the Josie/Richard connection, so that is part of where I am coming from. And to end the Ian storyline like this seemed contrived. Maybe time to introduce a new guy in Josie's life who is not a total waste of space?

  47. I love Richard!! PLEASE make that happen!!!!!!!

  48. I think for Richard, Josie was probably the first girl he actually saw himself with instead of just hooking up. Didn't want to admit it in the beginning that's why he did the whole Kate nonsense. Then when he pulled the Peter drama, he was clearly trying to sabotage and since Josie shut him down. He moved on, well attempt to move on. But he can't ignore his feelings when he see's her hurt.

    Just want to say, I love your blog been reading it since the start and I like that you have really developed as a writer. Thanks for writing for us.

  49. I did like the chemistry between Peter and Josie, but I really want to see her and Richard give it a go!! I don't think he intentionally was hitting on her when she was down in the dumps, he was consoling her as a friend and with their history, it was almost something, but it's not like he planned to be up at that exact moment, knowing she would come down unable to sleep. He definitely needs to figure himself out and become single before he intentionally makes a move on her...maybe actually something romantic vs. A make out session in the street to show her he truly cares about more than adding a notch on his bed post. I LOVE this blog, any way you go, I'm sure I will like! Although next creeper like Ian needs a good, swift kick in the family jewels:-)

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