December 12, 2013

Sonic Boom

Did you see?

I opened the email from Richard, sent a few days after our drink, to find a link to a post on the Hollywood Reporter, about William's return to CWA. He also asked me for my home address so he could send my parents a thank you note.

I didn't see this, but I know he went back. We're having dinner tonight. He wants to discuss a few things with me. 

I added my parents' address and pressed send. At least Richard and I had work in common—it was a neutral topic that would hopefully bring us back to normal, and erase all the awkwardness that had crept in over the last few weeks.

Nina thinks Richard is 1,000% full of it. "He grabbed your face and told you he loved you?" she gasped when I recapped our conversation.

"Yeah and then he said he was fucking with me and to get over myself."

"Only after you froze and didn't say anything back," Nina said. "Don't you see—he was feeling you out."

"You think?" I didn't mean for it to come out so pathetically hopeful, but it did. Nina's eyebrows pinched together, suspiciously.

"Did you want him to feel you out?"

I shrugged. "I guess I did."

Nina held up her hands like stop-sign. "Wait. Do you have feelings for Richard?"

"I went in there thinking I was going to let him down," I said. "I do have—I crunched my fingers around the next word—"feelings for Richard, but they're mixed up with so many other things that I can't figure out if they're pure or not."

"What other things?"

"Like the fact that I'm butt hurt because he rejected me. And that he's like a challenge now, whereas he never was before. I honestly don't know, but..." I lowered my voice, like what I was about to admit was shameful, which, it kind of was..."I can't stop thinking about him."

Nina jammed her straw around in her vodka soda, loosening the liquid lodged between the ice cubes. "Whenever you guys do have sex, warn me so I can leave the general vicinity of New York. So much sexual tension there's going to be like a sonic boom."

I snorted. "Cool your jets. He's with Sam. Oh, excuse me, he's crazy in love with Sam."

"I bet if you told him how you felt he wouldn't be anymore."

"I'm not doing that when I don't even understand how I feel."

"Well, figure it out, chica." Nina slurped down the rest of her drink. "And you better do it soon. Because the deeper he gets with Sam, the less pull you're going to have."

"There's nothing to do," I said. "He's with someone else."

"Your sonic boom loss," Nina said.

"I accept defeat."

A small part of me wonders if Nina really believes Richard is as into me as she says he is, or if she's just stroking my ego. I know she's been talking to Nick since he went back to LA, and I know she wants me to be cool with the two of them potentially dating. Love Nina, but girl knows how to strategize. If I really believed Richard felt the way Nina says he feels about me, I might be persuaded to say something to him. But deep down in my gut, I believe him when he says he loves Sam. I  know when I'm not wanted—I ignored that instinct with Justin, and I don't want to put myself through that humiliation again.

Nina and I paid the bill and I took a cab downtown to meet William.

"Josie!" William exclaimed when he saw me. "Have you lost weight?"

"I've gained four pounds."

"You must have that Spanxie stuff on or something." Classic William. I have to admit—I miss him.

The waitress came by and William ordered an expensive bottle of wine. "Man, I missed having a corporate card," he sighed.

"You had a corporate card at Literatti," I pointed out. Doing William's expenses had been a nightmare. He could never remember what any receipt was for. "Just make something up!" he'd bark at me when I asked. Melanie, the dinosaur in accounting, hated me because she knew I was lying. I dreaded running into her in the bathroom or on the elevator. "Hello, Josie," she'd growl, all low and mean, like she was Seinfeld and I was fucking Newman or something. Frank keeps his receipts in a neat little envelope and attaches a post-it to each with a very detailed notation of what the dinner/lunch/cab ride was for. It's lovely, actually.

William guffawed. "Those tightwads? Don't you remember how they used to flag me for taking too many cabs?" He shook his head. "Cabs!" he repeated incredulously. "Because they were too cheap to spring for a car service."

"Oh, I remember," I said.

"I'm lucky to be rid of them," he said. "And you will be too."

I clasped my hands in front of me and smiled. "Will I?"

"I want you to understand a few things before this goes any further," William said. "Yes, I need an assistant, but there are caveats."


"Like CWA is the biggest, most successful agency in the country. It's not a publishing house. It is an agency. If you go to an agency, you are on track to become an agent, not an editor. It's different. You're the one brokering the deal. There is a creative component insofar as you may come up with an idea and present it to existing clients—big fat movie star clients who fancy themselves art-teests and writ-tours." William laughed, dismissively. "Then you take it out and dangle it in front of all the publishing houses and get them excited enough about it that they'll bid against each other. The agency loves candidates with house experience, it means you've got connections. But you don't get a hand in the writing. That's the dolphin work. You,"he jabbed his meaty finger at me, "you're the shark."

"Like Ari Gold," I said.

"Ari Gold is based on the CEO of CWA," William said. "And that characterization is not an exaggeration. Yeah, you're in Lit, but you'll deal with the likes of him in the talent department. You have to have thick skin. I want you to fully understand what you are getting yourself into before you come in for an interview."

"I have to interview?"

William smirked. "Toots, you gotta read for the part. You're no Meryl Streep."

"But who do I interview with?" I asked, confused. "You?"

"No, not me." William rolled his eyes. "But HR wants to meet you. So does the Lit Coordinator. Make sure you're a company guy—which you are—but they have to see it with their own eyes."

"What kind of deals are you doing there?"

"The kind that make a lot of fucking money." William rubbed his fingers together. "Which means, big bonus for you and me. Well, bigger for me of course."

The waitress appeared at the table and presented the bottle of wine to William. He nodded without even looking at it. "What kind of bonus do you make at Literatti?"

I gave him A Look. "You know I don't make a bonus there."

William howled his laughter. "Exactly!" He sipped his wine. "You and Frankie boy getting along over there?"

"I like Frank," I said. "You have different management styles, obviously, but he's very good at what he does." Even though I don't always see eye to eye with him, it was true. But even if it wasn't—I would never admit it to William. It could get back to Frank, and then it's a bridge burned.

William laughed. "This is why I want you over at CWA with me."


"Because it's easier to bitch about your boss than it is to compliment him, and I sure as hell just gave you an opening to bitch about him." He drained the rest of his wine with an impressive gulp. "It means I can trust that you will never say anything bad about me to someone who matters, even if you end up hating my guts." A big, purple toothed smile split his face in half. "But you'll never hate my guts. You and me, we make a great team."

I called my Mom the second I was in a cab on my way home. She's always the first person I go to for career advice—she was totally that 80s working girl prowling the mean city streets in her skirt suit and white Reeboks, pair of heels in her bag. In 1985, Nance was one of the only women on the trading room floor at Salomon Brothers, and her disgusting boss propositioned her for sex as casually and as often as William used to ask me to get his coffee. Nance leaned in thirty years before Lean In existed, and she knows what's up.

"What kind of compensation are they offering you?" she asked.

"William doesn't know. He said it's a discussion to have with HR."

"You don't leave for anything less than a twenty-five percent raise."

"That's a lot, Mom."

"Not with what you make."

My phone buzzed twice in my ear. I had a text, but I ignored it. "We'll see," I said. "I have to do the interview. I don't even know if I have the job."

"But it's a lateral move?" Nance clucked. "You should ask for a better title. You're almost four years out of college. That's too far along in your career to be an assistant."

"There isn't a middle ground at an agency the way there is at a publishing house. At an agency, you're one of three things—an assistant, an agent-in-training, or an agent." My phone vibrated again.

"Why can't you be an agent-in-training then?"

"Because it's this whole song and dance and you have to be nominated to get into the program. And you can't be nominated until you're already an assistant." I braced my hand against the ceiling of the cab as we rocked over a pot hole. "And it's in LA."

"You'd have to move to LA?" Nance gasped.

"Just for three months. Then you move back." My phone buzzed again. "Mom, hold on."

I pulled my phone away from my ear. I had three texts from Nina.

Holy shit.

I'm at a bar and Richard is here with some random girl. I think it's a date.

Holy shit. He's totally making out with her right now. Holy shit.


  1. Okay, first reaction: ass!
    Second reaction: Sam is made up

    I don't know which instinct to go with!

    Also, I've noticed that your writing style has changed a bit, and I wanted to let you know how much I like it. I feel like Josie's personal voice has gotten stronger, and her personality really shines through. Can't wait for Tuesday's update :)

    1. This could be true, but making up a girlfriend still makes him an ass.

    2. Sam's not made up, Josie met her at Halloween.

    3. Sam does exist, Richard introduced her to Josie few posts ago. They might as well have just broken up and he doesn't know how to handle it with Josie. After all, she let him down once already. Yes, he is an ass. Yes, he might just wanna sleep with her. Nevertheless he did tell her it would have been different with her. I'm ambivalent towards Richard, some (big) part of me loves him but on the other hand he's such an ass for making those stupid jokes every time. Tuesday cannot come soon enough.

    4. Maybe Sam is someone Richard got to play his fake gf

    5. If that's the case, he's definitely more an ass than I gave him credit for.

    6. Richard hiring/asking a girl to play his fake girlfriend seems like a bit of stretch..

    7. Or she met her and he is acting like they are still together but it could've ended by now

  2. I'll say it again, Richard is a jerk. Ugh time ten. This work opportunity sounds kind of exciting and Josie seems more amenable to Richard's mangerial style.

  3. love it love oat

  4. Love this blog!!! Love Josie!!! does anyone know any other blogs like this one?? Looking for a good read when I can't get my LoveSexPizza fix!

    1. I was having the same prob so I snooped around n found modern day faith. she doesn't post anymore but has years of posts u can catch up on

  5. Omg!!!! I can't believe u left us with richard as a cliffhanger!!!! And I love love love her moms advice let's hope she follows and everything works out! I'm hoping for an LA move soon!

  6. Holy Sugar Honey Ice Tea!!! Who the hell is Richard with?? You're giving me hypertension Jessica!

  7. I'm a Nance fan. I think the advice she's giving Josie is great - it's nice to see Josie has a strong female role model. But I'm not sure what Josie should do - the CWA job sounds exciting, but I thought she wanted to be a writer/editor. Ambitions change sometimes, sure, but I hope Josie seriously thinks this through.

    But that Richard cliffhanger.. hoo boy!

  8. I hope Josie decides to stay with Frank.

    1. Absolutely agree. I don't like William...

  9. Three words: you go, girl! Keep it up, Jessica! <3

  10. Isn't Josie the only one who has met Sam? I mean, how does Nina know it is a "random" girl? Couldn't Richard be making out with his girlfriend?? If he is crazy in love with this girl that wouldn't be very strange....

    1. Yes, this. I went back and read the Halloween post and Josie was the only one to meet Sam that night. No idea how Nina would jump to the conclusion of Richard making out with a random girl when she's doesn't know our even met Sam. Hmmmm, something seems off with Nina's story.

      William might be easy to work for and open to Josie but in my opinion Frank has so much more to offer. She wants to be a writer and the path she is on now is best career wise. Money wise William can offer more but she will be switching career paths. I think she can learn so much more from Frank than William.

    2. I mean with the internet and Facebook it would be weird for Nina not to know what Sam looks like. I'm sure Nina and Richard would be FB friends.

  11. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah why did you stop there ?! Can't wait for more !

  12. Richard should be the least of her concerns right now. If she throws anything out the window cuz she's worried about who Richard is making out with I'm gonna be so pissed at Josie.

  13. Am I the only thinking Nina is stirring the pot?!?!? I've found her to be shady from jump and want she just all depressed with Brad and her breaking up? She sure got over than quick. She's putting all these ideas in Josie's head and now suddenly she sees Richard with another girl. Why not take a picture as proof? Who's to say that isn't his girlfriend and Nina just didn't recognize her? Every guy Josie meets and is friends with can't possibly be all jerks. I think Josie should stay put, she wants to be a writer not am agent. Yes she'll make tons of money but will hate her job. What's more important money or happiness?

    1. Someone can't remember who called Nina a mixer at one point. She mixes up stuff and then lets things hit the fan. I think its a pretty acurrate description. Also, I was kind of surprised Josie wasm't more mad about the boss' son thing

  14. OMG cliff hanger I love it!

  15. I was starting to like Richard. He's probably cheating...

  16. New York Dixie, Modern Day Faith, and California Soul Blog are the other 3 I follow. Modern Day Faith was on hiatus but should be back in a week or two.

    1. Love love New York Dixie! I have to read up on these other two

    2. I follow all of them except California soul. Do u have a link?

  17. ugh, I hate Richard and I really dislike William. I hope she stays with Frank!

    and really, what happened to Kate?!

  18. Hmm, I think Richard may either be making out with Sam and Nina just doesn't know that she is his girlfriend or Richard and Sam have broken up! I am looking forward to finding out what happens next.

    In regard to the job situation... that is tricky. We will have to wait and see if she gets the job first. I think it would be pretty interesting to see how Josie would handle LA for 3 months. I can't help but find William kind of shady. I don't trust him. With that said, if it were me, I would probably take the job with William if it were offered because I like taking risks and I like to shake things up

  19. I think Richard broke up with Sam hoping Josie was on the same page when they last met and then hot scared and copped out. Now he is trying to mend his feelings with a "random". I like Richard.

  20. i hope she goes with william then maybe we can have some fantasy celebs in the mix. that would be awesome!

    Renee Marie

  21. BRING PETER BACK!!!!!!!!!

  22. Yikes! Cliffhanger City! Not sure Richard is a good bet, despite the sexual tension. I think, like Josie, he is ambivalent and doesn't want to be tied down. That's how I read this, anyway. Josie needs to focus on alone time now--even if Richard breaks it off with Sam for her, that makes her Rebound Girl. Not good. If they stay just friends, maybe things can settle down and they can revisit a romantic relationship in the future? Like when other people aren't involved as well? And if Richard IS cheating on Sam, that seems like a deal breaker. It's an emotionally radioactive situation--too toxic to touch for now.

  23. Good cliffhanger. Richard is bad news. I still think it would be awesome to bring back Peter-- he and Josie are fun together! Also, what happened to Kate?

    1. Well, and if Josie starts moving up the corporate ladder, if she and Peter were to meet again, it would be more as equals--which is what she said she hoped for when they parted last. The thing is, can he handle her when she has come into her own? He always seemed to have the upper hand because of the age/life experience gap, but that is narrowing...I am not sure his ego could handle a fully fledged Josie.

    2. True, Peter might not be able handle Josie, but it would be fun to read about!

    3. Yeah, what DID happen with Kate? it's been a while!

  24. Being in LA for three months?? Pleaseeee dont bring Ian back, hes an.idiot who still lives in high school. Josie and Richard seriously need to talk properly! The cliff hangers are aweaome but im dying to know what is going on! Nina never met sam did she? Could it have been sam with Richard?
    Roll on Tuesday!!

    1. I say no Josie and Nick (who is also in LA)--not when Nina is involved. No love triangles! Ew!

    2. Maybe it's because I only started reading a few months ago, but who's Nick?

    3. Frank's son-- and he hooked up with Nina a few posts ago.

  25. Love this! I have a feeling it'll be Sam. Regarding William, it'll be fun to make the change (for a bit) but I don't think this is what Josie really wants career-wise. Who knows, things change!

    P.S. I miss Peter!

  26. Hi Jessica, I recently found your blog through Cosmo. Needless to say, I decided that scrolling back to your old archives and reading for 3 hours was better than studying for my final tomorrow morning. I am absolutely obsessed - I can't wait to see where this goes.

    I'm still rooting for Peter and Josie, btw!

    Love love love love, will be placing your blog on alert now for future update/instalments.

    - Rochelle

  27. Loved this post! The cliffhanger is almost TOO much to handle! I really like Richard, and I don't recall Nina ever meeting Sam so...part of me hopes it was Sam he was kissing and Nina just didn't know, but another part of me hopes it's not so that the girlfriend position is open for Josie to fill. I'm excited for Josie's career too. I think it would be a nice change for her to take the job position William is offering; I just hope the extra dollar signs thrown in the conversation do not distract her from what she truly wants. As for the possibility of Ian showing up if she goes to L.A., I think that would be kind of interesting....maybe even funny...
    Thanks again for the post Jessica!
    Team Richard!

  28. I hope she moves!! She needs change! Would be great to hear some new adventures and new characters then see how it goes when she comes back after 3 months!!

  29. Could Nina just be messing with her to get a reaction? She would totally do something like that. mum

  30. Oh, and being in LA would be close to Ian.....mum

    1. Well, yes, but he would have to create World Peace to be even remotely close to being redeemable.

  31. If Josie goes to LA pleaseee don't even mention Ian! Forget all about him, he's bad news!

  32. nina is a shit starter. she ruined her own love life with her hypocrisy and selfishness and now shed's living through her friend for more drama. I don't even care if Richard is kissing a random girl, he's not Josie's boyfriend and Josie doesn't need to know.
    I bet you it's Sam Richard's kissing and Nina, who has never met sam, is jumping to conclusions.
    And even if it isn't, it's none of nina's OR Josie's goddamn business. I know I'll get flak for that comment but it's true. Richard could have been dumped by Sam and is drowning his sorrows in a random girl, and it STILL wouldn't be anyone's business but his own.
    Josie cares so much because she likes him, and wants him, no matter how hard she tries to deny it. If she didn't like him, she wouldn't give a crap what he did or didn't do. THis is how I know she would never be able to have a "no strings attached" thing with Richard--see how she acts around him? She gets way too attached to her supposed "f--buddies" but then chickens out at the thought of anything more than that.
    She needs to detach herself from the situation so she can focus on other important things like, oh I don't know, THIS NEW JOB OFFER. That's where she's flourishing. She's way too confused about what she wants love-wise, and that's okay, but she CANNOT let it consume her.

  33. Anon @7:02pm agree 100% !!!!

  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  35. Ahh! So exciting!

    If I were Nina aka Josie's best friend, I would 100% still have shared that info. How could you not share that with your best friend after you were having a conversation about the guy a few hours ago? However - I would not push her to do anything about it - I would encourage her to focus on her career and respect Richard's space for the time being. If she finds out later on that he and Sam broke up, then she can reassess her options.

    However, I am not Josie's best friend, because Josie is a fictional character. That being said, I would LOVE if she ends up doing the agent-in-training thing and has to go to LA for 3 months, hooks up with Richard right before she leaves, then has some drama with Ian in LA, then has more drama with Richard when she comes home. Because that would be so fun to read !!

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